An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up, or establishes, the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects. It is generally a long or extreme-long shot at the beginning of a scene indicating where, and sometimes when, the remainder of the scene takes place.Establishing shots were more common during the classical era of filmmaking than they are now. Today's filmmakers tend to skip the establishing shot in order to move the scene along more quickly, or merely mention the setting in on-screen text (as is done in the Law & Order franchise). In addition, the expositional nature of the shot may be unsuitable to scenes in mysteries, where details are intentionally obscured or left out.

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    Closed Pano maging Established Member ulit?

    Mag post po ba?
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    Closed Established

    Account Created : Sep.16,2018 Naka Associate napo Account Ko Sa Gmail.. Thanks..
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    Closed Help

    Pano pa maestablish dito mga kuys salamat
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    Closed Re-establish

    Guys paano maging established ulit? Tnx in advance.
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    Closed Homesurf15

    pa help paano po mag subscribe ng homesurf15? mindanao area po
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    Closed Establish member

    Ask ko lang po 30 post napo ako tsaka nalink napo fb at twitter ko bakit diparin ako maka view sa spoiler? Ano po kulang..thnx
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    Closed Updating jellybean

    Pwede po bang iupdate ang android from jellybean to lollipop or kahit ano basta higher sa jellybean? Please naman patulong po.
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    Closed Sky vpn trick (easy)

    So meron akong nakitang trick about sa vpn na gagamitan ng mahiwagang app na ito para marestart siya..recommended po ang trick na ito para sa heavy user
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    Closed How to become establish?

    Guys, how to become establish here? What are the benefits of being establish member. And i want to learn a lot here. I expect that all member here respect me. and i'm not speak in tagalog so plsss speak in english. Thanks for accepting me here..
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    Closed Establish only

    Pano naba ulit maging stablish?
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    Closed Patut

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    Closed How to be estab????

    Sir may alam.ba kayu kung paano maging estab agad agad kasi maynakita akong aacount dito na estab kahit journey man pa gaya ko diba 30post and 30 days na dito pls help salamat
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    Closed Help

    How to openline myphone my 28.its locked on smart..tnx sa makakatulong and makakapansin..
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    Closed Nonstop promo

    Mga sir yung nonstop promo ba walang cap pag ginamitan ng vpn?tsaka ano pong ps pwede dito?
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    Closed Anong magandang promo sa smart

    anong magandang promo sa smart para pang online games like dota2, pointblank, crossfire, etc yung pangmatagalan mga paps :) thanks in advance
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    Closed Pa update naman ako sa pinalit sa sscap

    anong pinalit sa sscap? yung no load parin na free internet no cappig?
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    Closed Sony xperia z3

    yung Sony Xperia Z3 ng kaibigan ko nag bobootloop siya anyone can help us?
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    Closed Pahelp mga boss

    Mga sir bakit ganon tnt ko bumabagal siya paglumabas yung ganitong message
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    Closed Ig10 .ehi pasok mga boss!!

    IG10 promo .ehi with fast remote proxy kakahunt ko lng po canada server http://www.datafilehost.com/d/93078fe9 (ito po yung link) good for: downloading browsing fb YøùTùbé Register to IG10 to 4545 feedback nlng po if working
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    Closed Tahimik ata ngayon

    Tahimik ata ngayon. Hindi naglalabasan ng bug promos ng globe. Buti nalang talaga na implement yung pag register ng facebook or twitter para ma trace yung mga nag popost. Salamat mga masters.
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    Closed Hataw tnt ehi 101%

    UNITED KINGDOM Server 1 & 2 TALKNTEXT UPDATE EHI ( NEED LOAD ) Register -> SCHOOL to 5555 (Valid for 1day) GOOD FOR s†rêâmïng. (No Buff) GOOD FOR DOWNLOADING. (Big Files) GOOD FOR BROWSING. GOOD FOR GAMING. (Low Ping) Open for Wifi or Data Connected. Non Rooted or Rooted Phone Connected. UK1...
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    Closed Help po

    Ask ko lang po nawala po kasi ako sa pagiging establish pano po soya mababalik
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    Closed Getting to know you guys

    Hi guys, I'm newbie here.. I just wanna welcome my self xD setting expectation: guys would like to learn about internet tricking. I heard about psiphon handler apk and setting for tm user. can you teach me guys. it would be very helful for newbie.
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    Closed Bakit hndi pa ako established

    hello mga ka phc, ask ko lang poh, bakit hangang ngaun hindi pa ako established? journeyman na nga ako, may nakita grasshoper siya pero established na, meron din addict pero hindi pa siya established. ano ba dapat gawin?