error codes

In computer programming, a return code or an error code is a numeric or alphanumeric code that is used to determine the nature of an error and why it occurred. They are also commonly found in consumer electronics and devices when they attempt to do something they cannot do (e.g., dividing by zero) or fail to do and they can be passed off to error handlers that determine what action to take.
Meanwhile, in Vehicles (Automotives), Error codes are five-digit codes that pinpoint a particular car fault. Car Owners can make use of an OBD Scanner to identify a trouble code. The five-digit Diagnostic trouble code typically consists of one letter and four numbers (e.g. P0123)

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    sa mga nag tatanung kung alin ang mas mabilis na status sa mga ehi.. kahit hindi to komplito sige lang try nyung basahin sa link. 521 status error naranasan ko narin. dito para malaman kung ano ang problima. i hope maka tulong sa inu...
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    Closed Windows update "Code 800F081F"

    I need help for this error guys.. :banhappy: I need to update my Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.. Please respect:dead:
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    Standard Original IBM POST Error Codes Code Description: 1 short beep System is OK 2 short beeps POST Error - error code shown on screen No beep Power supply or system board problem Continuous beep Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem Repeating short beeps Power supply or system...