An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from a sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can range in intensity, from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt, to those violent enough to propel objects and people into the air and wreak destruction across entire cities. The seismic activity of an area is the frequency, type, and size of earthquakes experienced over a particular time period. The seismicity at a particular location in the Earth is the average rate of seismic energy release per unit volume. The word tremor is also used for non-earthquake seismic rumbling.
At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking and displacing or disrupting the ground. When the epicenter of a large earthquake is located offshore, the seabed may be displaced sufficiently to cause a tsunami. Earthquakes can also trigger landslides.
In its most general sense, the word earthquake is used to describe any seismic event—whether natural or caused by humans—that generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults but also by other events such as volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear tests. An earthquake's point of initial rupture is called its hypocenter or focus. The epicenter is the point at ground level directly above the hypocenter.

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    Looking For: Earthquake Alerter with SMS Notification (with source code)

    Mga bosing, I'm looking for "Earthquake Alarm/Detector with SMS Notification (with source code)", project po ng anak ko ^_^....
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    Japan Earthquake

    Grabe lindol sa Japan tapos may tsunami na naman parang nakakatakot na mag work ngayon doon at hindi kaya maapektuhan ang mga fault ng ating bansa sa pag galaw ng fault ng Japan
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    Nadama nyu ba yung lindol :(
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    Help Earthquake App

    baka meron po kayong apk file na may earthquake realtime update. Badly needed po kasi sa area namin sa mindanao. Salamat
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    Surigao del Sur 7.5 Earthquake

    Di pa din kami ligtas rito samantalang nakakaramdam pa kami ng aftershocks bandang alas 2. Nagsisi-iyakan na mga tao at kapitbahay namin, thinking na nagkulang sila sa pananalig sa Panginoon. So panalanginan nyo kami 😊.
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    Trivia TSUNAMI ALERT (Mindanao Earthquake) PRAY FOR THEM

    Pray for them! 😭😭😭 Surigao Del Sur! Hidden content Hidden content
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    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck Calatagan, Batangas

    Magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck Calatagan, Batangas; tremor felt in Metro Manila – Phivolcs MANILA, Philippines — Calatagan, Batangas was the epicenter of a magnitude 6.2 earthquake early Thursday morning that was felt in portions of Metro Manila, according to state seismologists...
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    Android App Earthquake Network PRO v12.11.11 for Android

    Earthquake Network PRO v12.11.11 for Android Size: 9.67MB Earthquake Network is the most comprehensive app on earthquakes and the only working app with real time alerts. • Real time detection of earthquakes using networks of smartphones (only strong earthquakes) • Earthquake warning seconds in...
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    Earthquake HAS BEEN RECORDED AS OF 8:49AM this morning neer Candon Ilocos Sur. Felt the shaking up her in Isabela and Quirino province
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    What is the only continent that has never had a recorded earthquake? (Hint: It's not South America)

    Answer: The only continent that has never had a recorded earthquake is actually Australia! Sorry to all the seismology enthusiasts out there.
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    Referral Humble Bundle: Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle

    Hey, guys. If you have $30 to spare, you could get 72 games as well as help Turkiye-Syria recover from the earthquake incident via this bundle: Hidden content If you have not registered an account on Humble Bundle just yet, please consider registering through this link: Hidden content
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    Turkey earthquake: Where did it hit and why was it so deadly?

    More than 9,000 people have been killed and thousands injured by a huge earthquake which struck south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border, in the early hours of Monday morning. More than 9,000 people have been killed and thousands injured by a huge earthquake which struck south-eastern...
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    Earthquake again abra

    Guys sino nakaramdam ng lindol ngayong 11 pm lang. Another trauma again from abra
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    Phivolcs warns everybody for other 'Big One'

    EXPERT from the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (DoST-Phivolcs) said that every region or province in the country is vulnerable to its own "Big One." This was underscored during the second part of the webinar series conducted at the 2021...
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    Closed Lindol 9/13/2019 :(

    Lumindol din ba sa inyo mga ka PHC? area : tagaytay - malakas lakas din yun, nagising ako eh ingat tayo mga ka PHC. -/taong-bato
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    Closed Sinong nakaranas ng linog?

    Mga ilang minuto lang? mindanao area po
  17. Pingpong


    Lakas ng lindol
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    Closed Magnitude 7.0-7.2 earthquake on davao

    Mga kababayan,atin pong ipagdasal ang ating mga kababayan sa Mindanao at ang bansang Indonesia sapagkat nasalanta po sila ng 7.0-7.2 magnitude na lindol kanina lamang 11:39 ng umaga. Atin pong ipagdasal ang kanilang kaligtasan. -Dama ko ngayon ang takot na kanilang nadarama sapagkat ganun...
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    Closed Yakuza's good deed

    Spot nyo mga lodi Japs, 'stig!
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    Closed Aftershocks expected: a warning from ndrrmc

    Magnitude Ms 5.0 na lindol na naganap sa CARAGA (Davao Oriental) ngayong 30 November 2017, 9:16 AM. Aftershocks ay inaasahan. Maging handa at alerto. Be alert and keep safe po God speed! :)
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    Closed Philippine mythology: intumbangol

    The intumbangol were a pair of gigantic serpents revered by the ancient Bukidnon people. These serpents were believed to support the earth from the underworld and were regarded as responsible for earthquakes. One was male, the other was female. Their bodies formed a cross, their mouths below the...
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    Closed Earthquake detector

    Walang makakapagpredict kung kailan lilindol, pero may makakatulong kung ga'no ba kalakas ang nangyayaring lindol. MyShake can detect an on-going earthquake while recording it's magnitude. Just place your phone on a stable areas like table top or floor. Keep...
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    Closed Stay safe everyone..

    Ingat po mga Ka phc.. Keep praying. stay safe everyone. Maging alerto mga idol..Kakatakot Ano kayang magnitude yon?
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    Closed What to do Before, During and After Earthquake.

    Tips that might make you and you're family safe when disastrous Earthquake comes! Good day! Be safe and be always prepared!
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    Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Visayas

    Balita mga ka-PHC :3 -->