A video game console is an electronic device that outputs a video signal or image to display a video game that can be played with a game controller. These may be home consoles, which are generally placed in a permanent location connected to a television or other display devices and controlled with a separate game controller, or handheld consoles, which include their own display unit and controller functions built into the unit and which can be played anywhere. Hybrid consoles combine elements of both home and handheld consoles.
Video game consoles are a specialized form of a home computer geared towards video game playing, designed with affordability and accessibility to the general public in mind, but lacking in raw computing power and customization. Simplicity is achieved in part through the use of game cartridges or other simplified methods of distribution, easing the effort of launching a game. However, this leads to ubiquitous proprietary formats that creates competition for market share. More recent consoles have shown further confluence with home computers, making it easy for developers to release games on multiple platforms. Further, modern consoles can serve as replacements for media players with capabilities to play films and music from optical media or streaming media services.
Video game consoles are usually sold on a 5-7 year cycle called a generation, with consoles made with similar technical capabilities or made around the same time period grouped into one generation. The industry has developed a razorblade model for selling consoles at low profit, or even at a loss, while making revenue on the licensing fees for each game sold. Planned obsolescence then draws consumers into buying the next console generation. While numerous manufacturers have come and gone in the history of the console market, there have always been two or three dominant leaders in the market, with the current market led by Sony (with their PlayStation brand), Microsoft (with their Xbox brand), and Nintendo (currently producing the Switch console and its lightweight derivative).

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    Help Seeking help on how I can convert my GUI Java Class from my Console Base Java Output

    Does anyone can help me with Java GUI Payroll System as our School project in Java Course I already have a Console based version of that Program that you can use as your Project Baseline, I also created a GUI Form as your template. The only struggle I have is how can I incorporate that console...
  2. R

    My nintendo console collection

    When I was young trip na trip ko na talaga mga Nintendo console, simula pa ng game and watch at gameboy regret ko lang is di ko na naalagaan ung iba hangang sa nag kaanak na ako na babae nakahiligan din niya haha kaya di mahirap bumili pag gusto niya sabit na dibYung nasa picture meron pa sana...
  3. P

    Help Pwede bang ilagay sa usb ang file ng 20k classic console ?

    Gusto ko sana mag dl ng ganon tapos ttry ko sa MI BOX ko gagana naman siguro ? help me guys
  4. R

    The History Of The Gameboy, Nintendo's Most Famous Console

    The History Of The Gameboy, Nintendo's Most Famous Console The Gameboy was by far one of the most popular games consoles of all time and to this day it still impacts the gaming industry. The original GameBoy was created by one of Nintendo’s most innovative employees, Gunpei Yokoi. Gunpei was a...
  5. L

    Help 20 php! looking for the post / method sa google console or workspace

    20 php agad sa gcash! sa makaka help makita yung post / method sa google console or workspace dito sa phcorner. About po yun sa pag create ng google account gamit yung method na google console or workspace (magkakaroon ng 15 minutes trial na google account tas magagamit mo sya pang subscribe sa...
  6. W

    Help Question -- okay ba bumili console games s greenhills

    good day po . .balak ko po kasi bumili ng switch v2 brandnew .. meron kaya nag bebenta brandnew sa greenhills? or if secondhand benta nila , di po ba madali masira yun kasi parang mga swap atah yung mga sec hand nila dun at baka my defect na .. ano po mapapayu nyu .. . first ever console...
  7. C

    Help Console

    Hiring po kami ng IT na marunong gumawa ng console. Baka meron sa inyo, paki pm po ako.
  8. D

    Help CMD/PowerShell can't open

    Pahelp mga bossing may napakalman ata ako o nadelete pano po kaya ito? Mag rurun po sana ako ng console para sa malwarebytes ayaw "Could not create process" pano po kaya ito?
  9. 1

    Tutorial PC Games Console on Android!

    may bago nanaman tayong PC game console for Android mga kaibigan!,. smooth ang mga PC games dito!,.👍🏻😁 download nyo lang ang Starparks Starparks-Your PC game console - Apps on Google Play mag sign-in at manuod ng ads for 15mins. game time. 💪🏻😀
  10. A

    Help Best alll in one Console in USB?

    Pa help and pa recommend naman po ng all in one console games emulator na pwedeng plug and play thanks
  11. D

    Looking For Google Play Console Developer Account (Old, Clean)

    Hanap ko po yung wala pang violation or 1 strike palang na register na sya before November this year name your price po tas deal agad pag nagkasundo
  12. P

    All in one console games

    Guys. meron po ba kayong console and pc games na all in one ? flashable / bootable na po siya sa hdd .img or .iso file. TY much po sa mag share ng info. Lab u
  13. G

    C# Ayaw mag display console terminal ko, ples help

    Gusto ko sana mag run ng code, kaso di ko ma display yung terminal bat kaya
  14. G


    Hello po, planning to buy retro game console. Any suggestions na unit po? Below 3k lang po budget. Sana din may magpost ng mga tutorial pano magpalit ng OS, lagay ng games and themes.
  15. X

    PBX Unified Maintenance Console

    PBX Unified Maintenance Console is a Windows software that contains instruments for working with VoIP hardware. The program is compatible with multiple phone models made by Panasonic. You can connect devices to the computer via an Ethernet, USB or RS-232 cable. First steps The main window...
  16. P

    Nintendo [HELP] All in one Console

    Legit po kayang bumili sakanila? Balak ko kasing bilhan yung kapatid ko kasi gustong gusto namin dati ng gameboy advanced sp. Pero okay na rin ito kung sakali.
  17. R

    C & C++ Tricard Janken C++ Console Game

    TriCard Janken (Rock, Paper, & Scissor) C++ : Terminal/CommandPrompt Card Game inspired from Kakegurui S1Ep1, which every round all students other than player creates a card of Rock, Paper and Scissor, then cards will put into hollow box. The players will draw 3 card. This game is RNG based...
  18. Y

    Help PC Games Controller

    Good day, ano po magandang PC Games Controller na subok na matibay? Salamat po
  19. P

    New Nintendo Console or Switch 2 rumors and everything we know so far

    Nintendo Switch 2 latest news (Updated May 7) The launch of Tears of a Kingdom is rapidly approaching and it looks very likely the game will launch with nn Nintendo Switch 2 in tow. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom looks like it could be the swansong for the Switch and could be a...
  20. G

    Help Basic C# Console project Thesis

    Mga paps Anong magandang project sa C# like SA console lng Kasi Yung mga ATM etc Meron na nakkakuha, I hope may maktulong
  21. H

    Torrent Hogwarts Legacy: Digital Deluxe Edition (Build 10461750 + AiO Update v1121649 + All DLCs + Console DLCs Unlocker + Bonus OSTs + Trainer + Multiplayer

    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: 64-bit Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 (3.3Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 (3.2Ghz) Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB or AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB DirectX: Version 12 Storage: 91 GB Additional...
  22. A


    Hello ask kolang kung pwede koba ishare yung connection galing kay IZPH papunta sa XBOX Console? Kung pwede paturo po salamat
  23. D

    Tutorial Upload your referral app in Google Play Store

    Hidden content As per April 18 Forum Rule Update, bawal na po ang online gabling at referral
  24. T

    Help Google Play Developer Console Account

    Hello po, I am still a student. Ask ko sana sa mga naka subok na mag one time purchase ng developer account? If ano po ang ginamit to purchase. Nag fill out ako ng signupo form nung magbabayad nako di po pala pwede though gcash payment. Sinabi na pwede Gpay naka setup naman Gcash ko sa Gpay.
  25. M

    PAYNOSTATION (welcome guysh!)

    Ustuh nyu tu? Hehehe di ako marunong nung react react bago maseen e. Baka naman pwedeng penge ng email sender/bulk SMS sender/.gov sms leads/webshells/gmail cøøkíés in exchange hehehehe thank you!! Console games <3
  26. T

    Cancel Google Developer Account Console

    Mga lods, MArerefund ko pa ba yung binayad ko na $25 sa pagcreate ng google developer account pag kinclose or cancel ko yung accont? Nagkamali kasi ako ng nagamit na email, hindi naman kasi napapalitan ang email. Salamat sa makakatulong
  27. J


    Hi po, sana po may makapag guide sakin paano mainstall ang firmware ni vn007 via onboard serial console. Di ko na po kasi ma access ang webui ng vn007 ko parang nagglitch ata during process of downgrading. Ang function nalang ng vn007 ko is as an Access Point nalng though nakikita ko parin ssid...
  28. G

    Help PS4 CONSOLE

    Hello mga master, ask ko lang po kung sino na nakabili ng 2nd hand na PS4 sa Greenhills? And kung may mairerecommend po kayong shop. Thanks po sa sasagot :)
  29. D

    Any APEX LEGENDS Nintendo Switch Players here?

    Any APEX LEGENDS Nintendo Switch Players here? Ano gamit nyo Controllers for better aiming?
  30. B

    Closed PS5 or GAMING LAPTOP

    Nagdadalawang isip ako sa dalawa kung anong bibilhin ko e. PS5 worth 27,990 sa Dec 11 or Machenike Gaming Laptop i7-10750H + RTX 2060 6Gb na may 12Gb ram worth 64,000 sa 12.12 sale kung sakali. ano sa tingin nyo mga ka PHC? Thanks
  31. P


    Honestly po, wala akong natutunan sa Data Structures prof namin. Kasi yung routine ko is ganito, wala po akong laptop or computer. Pero nakikigamit po ako sa kapit bahay namin, na installan kona po ng visual studio 2010. Kasi low spec po yung computer niya. Everytime na nag didiscuss yung prof...
  32. P

    Closed Gameboy Advance 165 ROMS + VisualBoyAdvance Emulator

    Hi! Another old-school games to share with all of you! 165 GBA Roms Pack ROM/ISO for the GameBoy Advance. The game ROM file comes in .gba format. It's the Europe, Japan, USA version and comes in English language. I also included the VIsualBoyAdvance emulator which I personnaly use. It has link...
  33. L

    Closed May thread po ba para sa mga handheld consoles?

    May thread po ba para sa mga handheld consoles? para po sa mga PS Vita, 3DS, Switch users mga bossing?
  34. Z

    Closed Nintendo switch net

    Yo guys ask ko lang kung may iba pang way maiconnect yung switch sa hotspot ng cp na naka connect sa injector para makapag dl ng mga malalaking file na games. Bali Cp with hotspot na naka connect sa injector tapos icoconnect ang switch sa cp. Pa help naman sa mga switch user jan
  35. P

    Closed Vga to hdmi ps3

    gagana po ba ang vga to hdmi adoptor kay ps3 gamit lcd monitor na pang pc?
  36. 5

    Closed Video game console or arcade name

    Guys tanong ko lang kung anong klaseng console or arcade yung mga dating video game na hinuhulugan ng piso, yung may mga laro na bomberman or contra, gusto ko lang mag download ng emulator non, salamat sa sasagot.
  37. L

    Closed Download websites

    This is basically my best sites for downloading games/apps for android and PC/Console. I'll just leave it here. 1. 2. 3. 4. (does not support UC Browser) 5...
  38. P

    Closed Please help !! :'( about java basic lang to...

    Gusto ko po mag clearscreen, gusto ko din mag timeout at gusto ko magkakulay yung text output ko sa cmd. For example class Sample{ public static void main ( String [] args ) { //wait(1000); System.out.println("Hello World!"); //color yellow //cls or clear the } }
  39. S

    Closed Computer shutdown before bios troubleshoot pc

    Para sa mga pro, Help me guys hindi ko po kasi alam yung sira ng computer (custom build po siya pero wala akong idea sa specs kasi di siya akin) Hindi ako nakakaabot sa BIOS :( naka bootloop lang yung monitor. Sabi kasi baka sa RAM. Ni reseat ko naman siya hindi parin nagana. Connected naman...
  40. P

    Closed Labanan ng mga console

    Ano pinakamalupit na console nnyo?
  41. Q

    Closed Para sa mga player ng consoles!

    Heto share ko sa inyo ang site na matagal ko ng alam. Dito ka makakadownload ng games for pc, xbox, ps3, wii, ps2 and psp
  42. C

    Console Games (Request Thread)

    Hi PHCitizen.. Any game you desire from : PSP,PSX,PS2,PS3,3DS,GBA,DC,DS,WII,PC,SNES Note : Dont have all the games Thank you!:)
  43. B

    The nintendo 3ds

    Nintendo 3ds is the latest game console released by Nintendo. it's the successor of Nintendo DS. and able to play DS games .. 3DS has this feature called stereoscopic 3D which you can play 3D without glasses. it's now competing with psvita. sbi nila panalo prin daw ang psvita. pero mas...

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