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Computer recycling, electronic recycling or e-waste recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials of waste electronics. Although the procedures of re-use, donation and repair are not strictly recycling, these are other common sustainable ways to dispose of IT waste.
In 2009, 38% of computers and a quarter of total electronic waste was recycled in the United States, 5% and 3% up from 3 years prior respectively. Since its inception in the early 1990s, more and more devices are recycled worldwide due to increased awareness and investment. Electronic recycling occurs primarily in order to recover valuable rare earth metals and precious metals, which are in short supply, as well as plastics and metals. These are resold or used in new devices after purification, in effect creating a circular economy. Such processes involve specialised facilities and premises, but within the home or ordinary workplace, sound components of damaged or obsolete computers can often be reused, reducing replacement costs.
Recycling is considered environmentally friendly because it prevents hazardous waste, including heavy metals and carcinogens, from entering the atmosphere, landfill or waterways. While electronics consist a small fraction of total waste generated, they are far more dangerous. There is stringent legislation designed to enforce and encourage the sustainable disposal of appliances, the most notable being the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive of the European Union and the United States National Computer Recycling Act.

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    Closed Question lang po

    Tanong ko lang po kung advisable ba na iformat ang pc ko kasi kada 5 mins. Nagbu-blue screen sya. Balak ko nang ireformat pero wala pa pong knowledge at hindi ko pa alam kung advisable. Need help!!! Using windows 7
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    Closed How to repair path: windows\system32\winload.exe

    mga master paanu ito ayusin kanina lang ito? lenovo s100
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    Closed For laptop

    New Lang po ako sa group na ito dko pa alam kung panu magpost pero patulong po sana Kung maayos un laptop ko kasi po pag inoopen ko lumalabas PXE adoptor PXI MOF ata yun and Os not found... nag ganyan po sya nung kinonek ko ung laptop ko sa computer using utp cable