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CM Draconis (GJ 630.1A) is an eclipsing binary system approximately 47 light-years away in the constellation of Draco (the Dragon). The system consists of two nearly identical red dwarf stars located in the constellation Draco. The two stars orbit each other with a period of 1.27 days with a separation of 2.7 million kilometres (0.018 AU). Along with two stars in the triple system KOI 126, the stars in CM Draconis are the lightest stars with precisely measured masses and radii. Consequently, the system plays an important role in testing stellar structure models for very low mass stars. These comparisons find that models underpredict the stellar radii by approximately 5%. This is attributed to consequences of the stars' strong magnetic activity.
According to the system's entry in the Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars, at least one of the components is a flare star and at least one is a BY Draconis variable. The white dwarf star GJ 630.1B, located 25.7 arcseconds away shares the same proper motion as the CM Draconis stars and is thus a true companion star of the system. Given the system's distance of 47 light years, this corresponds to a separation of at least 370 astronomical units between CM Draconis and GJ 630.1B.

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    Tutorial Cherry mobile flare s3 flash file and tut on how to unbrick.

    Flashing w/ PC (Stock Firmware) REQUIREMENTS: Windows Desktop Or Laptop USB Cable Firmware(CM Flare S3 v7-v11) Firmware(CM Flare S3 v1.03) SP Flash Tool v5.1532 MediaTek USB VCOM drivers MT65xx USB Preloader driver Follow these steps: 1. You must download all the requirements first. 2...
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    Closed cm Flare s3 Power

    Mga sir pa help naman sa Cm flare s3 power ko minsan po kasi nagsstop ung System UI nya pano po ba ma fix to ??
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    Closed Unrooting flare s3

    Hi guys just wanna ask ano bang magiging problem pag inUnroot ko yung Cm flare s3 ko?