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In photography, a close-up lens (sometimes referred to as close-up filter or a macro filter) is a simple secondary lens used to enable macro photography without requiring a specialised primary lens. They work like reading glasses, allowing a primary lens to focus more closely. Bringing the focus closer allows the photographer more possibilities.Close-up lenses typically mount on the filter thread of the primary lens, and are often manufactured and sold by suppliers of photographic filters. Nonetheless, they are lenses and not filters. Some manufacturers refer to their close-up lenses as diopters, after the unit of measurement of their optical power.
Close-up lens do not affect exposure, unlike extension tubes, which also can be used for macro photography with a non-macro lens.

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    Help How to close thread?

    Good day! Tanong ko po sana kung paano po mako-close yung thread? Hindi na po kasi working yung last post ko. Ilang beses ko na po kasing sinabi sa replies na di na po working at katay na po yung app na 'yun, marami pa rin pong hindi nagba-backread kaya hindi po nila alam. Para po sana hindi na...
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    Help Paki close thread ko Paki close po mga sir, outdated gamit kong software, baka mali lahat ng code maibigay ko sa pag unlock. thanks!
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    Closed For student internet

    Guys Internet for student searching for there needed also it can be download some videos comming from YøùTùbé website This Opera mini will grant your Wish as a free internet user just set your android phone device into the default settings for Example Globe post paid or prepaid APN I hope this...
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    Request - Authors' access to close own Threads

    Hello Draft, Admins, I noticed that some of the threads are already irrelevant and obsolete. This is a request to allow authors to close the threads they created especially when they are no longer relevant. I believe this move will save us space and time before selecting a thread. Please let...