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    G·TM .

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    Closed Wimax tool box *****ed

    Credit to Dev & 2belove pa delete if Meron na (y) pa add nalang sa Thread mo paps :D TheScript Windows 7 Screenshot Windows 10 Screenshot Download Here!
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    Help DV-235T need ca.pem & privkey at mac

    Mga master natin jan penge ng "ca.pem & privkey.key at mac" Mag scan lang ako pag meron akong makuha babalik ko ng double promise! Kailangan ko lang wala kasi ako connection para makapag scan SALAMAT :D
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    Best VPN 2k14

    ano po ba yung best free vpn na maraming server or kahit k'unti :P kahit po not working sa fbt ni smart or globe :D pls ... except kay HSS :D
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    Bandicam Any Version ***** !!!

    Bandicam - Record Everything on your PC Bandicam makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Bandicam will help you carry out a video record with high-compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the...
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    Tutorial BM622m Upgrade,Downgrade By: Clarkz >>>>>>>>

    Complete Tutorial! Please Download Attachment (*.RAR file) Clarkz Eternal Poster Joined: May 5, 2013 Messages: 1,525 Likes: 3,916 Trophies: 190 Best Answers: 1 Gender: Male
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    Closed WiMAX Tool V3.0 with Turbo [Green,BlackTool]

    Color Black Added :P pang 22m lang yung turbo mode :wacky: ρáíd version pero kumalat na dito nalang wala :troll: supported modem's - DV235t Globe - DV235t Smart - BM622m 2012 - BM622m 2013v19 - BM622i 2011 - BM622i 2010...
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    PHCorner Connection Error part II

    naka flush dns clear cache try another domain?? wala rin redirect rin sa walang proxies or di gumamit ng kahit anong proxy bakit kaya? kailangan pang i-reload ng ilang beses para lang ma access minsan super tagal!
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    Closed The Fastest MAC Hunter,Changer-BM622m [2012-13] Toolkit v.2.04.04 - by: Lavaboy

    For me this is the fastest tool for HUNTING or CHANGE bm622m MAC address - Clarkz BM622m Toolkit v. 2.04.04 TUTORIALS INGREDIENTS: 1. BM622m Toolkit by LAVABOY v.2.04.04 2. Supported WIMAX models BM622m 2012 / 2013 (For BM622m models - 2012 FW preferred, kindly downgrade at YOUR OWN...
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    RealHideIP PRO *****!

    RealHideIP (the latest version) Are you aware that your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Do you know that many websites and häçkers use your IP address to monitor your home address and other personal information?Real Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, keep your...
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    Tutorial IDM fake Serial! Ultimate Solution By Clarkz

    nagchachaga ka ba sa mga hassle and not working FAKE! Serial Solution ng IDM?...or Working nga Afer Restart PC unregistered ulit :( ...or After I-Update ang IDM gagawin nanaman ang HASSSLE! na Solution XD...or kailangan pa bang i-block ang mga domains ng IDM para lang hindi madetek na pirata...
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    Avast! Internet Security 2014 w/ License till 2016

    / =1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1==1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1 =1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1==1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1==1=1=1=1=1=1=1 Download Avast! Internet Security New Version Click ME!
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    GLOBE WIMAX NEWS! (not a trick, just a NEWS about GLOBE WIMAX)

    Di ko po alam kong tama ba tong pi-nost ko dito na SECTION ng THREADS sa PHC!... paki lipat nalang po incase of di ito talaga yung tamang section para i-POST ito!.. but these is very IMPORTANT TO US PHC... who are using GLOBE WIMAX!.. and who sell a modem This is the news about the GLOBE...
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    Collecting all WORKING REMOTE IP and LPORT!

    Sa mga nakita ko!.. lahat na katay na ang mga REMOTE IP natin!... ito meron akong nakitang REMOTE IP na gagana pa!... COLLECTING MODE muna ako sa mga REMOTE IP!.. kasi ito ang mas kailangan natin ngayon mga ka PHC!.. dahil super bagtik na si TRAMS!.. ang bilis nang pumatay ng mga LAMOK...
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    S·T·S Clarkz Ultimate VPN Portable Edition with 10 Different Configs

    Clarkz Ultimate VPN Portable Edition FEATURES 1. only one *.exe file (only one file) 2. only 1.20mb file Size 3. 10 Configs inside 4. Available to use 1-10 configs by typing manually 5. Portable easy to use REQUIREMENTS: - PHC tap adapter LINK - Clarkz Ultimate VPN Portable Edition LINK - CMD...
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    S·T·S 1.Less AutoDC 2.Less Usage of RAM 3.No Need Usurf 4.With More Config 5.Faster Browsing 6.CMD style::

    Requirements: -PHC tap Adapter LINK -Clarkz VPN LINK -Configs By Jamesiswizard_1 | Configs 1 | Configs 2 | Configs 3 InsTruction: 1. Install Hss TAP Adapter 2. Connect Your MODEM 3. After Connected RUN (Clarkz VPN) - CMD style 4. For win7 And Vista click Run As Admin 5. Type...
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    Tutorial Smart-Super Unblocking Tricks Version 2

    ito ang malupet na unblocking kahit hindi na magpa-pasa load :) BLOCK PA. UNBLOCK NA. :) VERSION 1 ===> Smart-Super Unblocking Tricks Version 1 GOOD LUCK ! ! ! :p
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    Bitdefender Total Security, AV Plus & Internet Security Version 2013 Till 2045 !!

    Compare its products and see how you can benefit from advanced safeguards and rich features, including device anti-theft, firewall, parental controls, online storage and sync, social network protection and more! How to ? Install only one of the BitDefender 2013 products (30 days...
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    Tutorial Windows 8 complete ac†ïvâ†ør: Unlocks All the Windows 8 Features !

    Windows 8 complete ac†ïvâ†ør Windows 8 Ac†ïvâ†ørs can be found everywhere, almost in every tech blog too ! Most of these *****s activate your Windows 8, But they don’t unlock all the Windows 8 features and updates. But On HAX developed a special kind of Windows 8 ac†ïvâ†ør that does all the...
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    Tutorial Serial Keys for All AVG 2013 Security Products ! (Update Compatible)

    AVG Security 2013 Products In our real-world attack test, AVG completely blocked 94.4 percent of attacks and partially blocked 5.6 percent of attacks. This indicates how well the program will block new malware attacks when it encounters them in the wild, and this is a good score, actually...
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    SpeedUpMyPC 2013 Latest Version Serial Keys are Here ! ( No is Required )

    SpeedUpMyPC 2013 Plus RegistryBooster SpeedUpMyPC makes your computer faster by optimizing system settings and improving resource managment.The first version of Uniblue’s software utility, SpeedUpMyPC, was released in 2003. At the time, similar software products aiming to speed up a computer’s...
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    Tutorial ZTE MF190 | Auto APN Dashboard | Beetel 3G Datacard | USB Modem | Download | Generic | Driver | Soft

    NEW LINK UPDATED!!! Now you can make calls via ZTE MF190 / MF Series Dongles using this dashboard , no APN Settings required with this software, you can also write this dashboard making iso image , and can upload using dc-unlocker , ZTE MF190 BEETEL 3G MODEM Beetel MF190 Features |...
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    Closed SmartBRO ZTE MF190 Unlock-Simple Unlocking...

    TOOLS: QPST ZTE MF190 FIRMWARE PROCEDURE: 1. Download ZTE MF190 FIRMWARE 2. Extract ZTE MF190 FIRMWARE after download 3. Open QPST Configuration Click "Add New Port" select the port of your USB Modem then click OK. You should see there SURFXXXX under Phone column. Click "Start Client" (nasa...
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    How Recover Acer Laptops

    -> cannot Start -> virus infected -> missing dll's -> missing other files -> and so on.... -> lahat na yata kayang i-fix gamit ang software na ito. note: restore to factory settings w/o using CD ok lets start 1. open/start your ACER 2. then gawin ito ng mabilis " HOLD 'alt' then press...
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    Tutorial Connect broadband any simcard w/out unlock

    Link Has Been Updated :D Dear modem users, can you use any Sim in your modem without unlocking ? May be no right ? Don’t worry now you can use any Sim in any modem without unlocking with this tutorial cum trick. Now you will get rid from searching and trying boring tutorial for Unlocking your...
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    Closed Wifi password revealer

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    Avast! 8 Latest Version C.rack Till 2050 [ ZeNiX ]

    TESTED BY: Clarkz™ IMPORTANT Follow The Instructions: Avast! is a freemium antivirus computer program available to Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users, with a user interface available in 41 languages. The name Avast is an acronym of "Anti-Virus – Advanced Set".The official, and...

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