Charles is a masculine given name predominantly found in English and French speaking countries. It is from the French form Charles of the Proto-Germanic name ᚲᚨᚱᛁᛚᚨᛉ (in runic alphabet) or *karilaz (in Latin alphabet), whose meaning was "free man". The Old English descendant of this word was Ċearl or Ċeorl, as the name of King Cearl of Mercia, that disappeared after the Norman conquest of England.
The name was notably borne by Charlemagne (Charles the Great), and was at the time Latinized as Karolus (as in Vita Karoli Magni), later also as Carolus. Some Germanic languages, for example Dutch and German, have retained the word in two separate senses. In the particular case of Dutch, Karel refers to the given name, whereas the noun kerel means "a bloke, fellow, man".

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    Filipino teen of Charles & Keith 'luxury' bag fame gets more gifts from the brand

    The Singapore-based Filipino teenager, who recently went viral for her Charles & Keith "luxury" bag, just got more goodies from the fashion house. In a TikTok video posted Jan. 15, Zoe Gabriel showed followers some boxes of items that included personalized bags. "To everyone who has shown...
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    Help Converge fiber x

    Mga master. Ask ko lng Sana anung magandang fiber pasa sa piso WiFi.
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    Sms help

    Pa help po mga idol, bakit do po ako maka send ng sa SMS ko like mag uunly ako ng load but do po masend... Thank you po
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    Closed Penge po ehi para sa tnt

    Ehi po para sa tnt need sa school
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    Closed Penge naman ng vpn with ps oh

    Help pls need ko sa school.. :)
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    Closed Paturo naman oh

    Pano maging establish.?
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    Charles Wimax 6.5 Installation

    Sir pano ba ma install ung Charles Wimax tools 6.5? kasi pag iniinstall ko wlang lumalabas o nangyayare eh. then ung link sa tutorial not working kaya hindi ko ma download yung tuts. thanks :) email nyo po ako. thanks :)