cell id locking

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    Help Cell id locking (Red Signal )

    Patulong po, yung modem ko kasi everytime yung PCI binabago ko from PCI 118 Band 3 nililipat ko sa PCI 206 BAND 41 Nag rered signal po yung Modem ko as in no service. Ano po ba problema ?
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    Tools AIO by LoveTacome version 3.01

    Hello mga ka-PHCorner !!!!Download and install nyo lang po. Good for B315s-936, B310As-938, at B525s-65a Note: dapat debranded na open ADB ang modem/router para mainstall.After mainstall, open your favorite browser tas go to May SSH na sya after install ( pamalit sa...
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    Tools [Android, PC] Download Frequency Calculator for cell id locking+ Guide(ez to use)

    For accurate download Frequency calculatorGuide for Phone: 1. Download the file below 2 open the file3. Click edit then choose wps viewer4. Input you ARFCN and choose the band that you want to be calculateGuide for PC: 1. Just open the file via MS excel, then just input your ARFCN...
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    Tools [PC] EARFCN-Frequency Calculator v1.1 - A Tool For CID Locking (10.09.20 Update)

    EARFCN-Frequency Calculator - A simple program that calculates EARFCN frequency. - Based on Zander Mazda's Earfcn-Frequency Calculator.xlsx (open via MS Excel)How to use? 1. Get EARFCN DL value first. (View modem's Device Information or you can simply use Huawei Manager)2. Open...
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    Tools B310As-938 Cell ID Locking Installer

    B310As-938 Cell ID Locking Installer (Based On Zander Mazda Mod Firmware) For Ver A (WL2B310) and Ver B (WL3B310) No need jumper mode just run app ok na..Mod Info: Adding cell id locking script (Updated) Updated mod permission files Upgraded installer script (Fix for anti virus detection) And...