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The Southwest Bypass and Southeast Bypass are two separately-constructed roads in the city of Greater Sudbury, in the Canadian province of Ontario, which form a loop around the southern end of the city's urban core for traffic travelling on Highway 17, a portion of the Trans-Canada Highway. Most of the route is a Super two road with at-grade intersections, with the exception of 1 km of divided freeway at an interchange with Highway 69, although the remainder of the road is planned to be converted to a freeway.
With the Northwest Bypass from Lively to Chelmsford, the roads form a partial ring road around the city's urban core; for much of their length, in fact, the roads are themselves considered the southern boundary of the city's primary statistical urban area in Statistics Canada census data.

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    GOMO BYPASS GOMO 5MB LIMIT (ayos nakakabypass nanaman! )

    olryt! nabypass nanaman! hahaha! magdiwang! sulitin na! hahhaha
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    Closed Promo pang bypass kay default?

    comment nyo nlng po ung ginagamit nyong promo pang bypass kay default.. Globe lang malakas sa area nmin.. Hehe.. Big Thanks sa tutulong sakin..
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    Closed Niluluto ko pa sa Bypass Factory

    EVENING MGA KA PHCORNER Sa Tingin ko buhay pa ang pangtanggal sa takip ng ballpen kay Globobo OKAY, I DONT KNOW IF THIS WORKS IN YOUR AREA AND I DONT GIVE 100% CHANCES THAT THE TANGGAL TAKIP OPERATION WILL WORK ON YOU. 50 - 50 :P So Ano ba ginawa ko? May Two sim ako LTE at Touch Cellphone SIM...
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    Closed Tutorial bypass globe fup using mobile (applicable when using pocket wifi)

    Paki delete na lng pag meron na plang ganito. nag try ako nito, gumana nga :D Settings ng Globe Pocket Wifi Go to punta sa settings ---> Dial up -----> Profile management ( the default password and username is admin) Gumawa ng ibang Profile and set it as default 1. APN ...
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    Help HELP --- FREEGATE problem

    Help! :( Ginagamit ko po eh freegate pangbypass sa Globe FUP . For the first use , nacliclick ko pa yung "Proxy Settings" para iset ang manual proxy. when I used it for the second time, greyed-out na po yung "proxy settings" nya. Mga masters, programmers, developers, experts, kaPH Help po...