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WinBUGS is statistical software for Bayesian analysis using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods.
It is based on the BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) project started in 1989. It runs under Microsoft Windows, though it can also be run on Linux or Mac using Wine.It was developed by the BUGS Project, a team of British researchers at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge, and Imperial College School of Medicine, London. Originally intended to solve problems encountered in medical statistics, it soon became widely used in other disciplines, such as ecology, sociology, and geology.The last version of WinBUGS was version 1.4.3, released in August 2007. Development is now focused on OpenBUGS, an open-source version of the package. WinBUGS 1.4.3 remains available as a stable version for routine use, but is no longer being developed.

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  1. Y

    Closed Bugged sim

    Assuming na na-bug po simcard nyo sa sun(wala ng promo pero connected pa din sa vpn and can access kahit anong sites and apps), may possibility kya na pwede pa ito mablock? Kasi ung sun sim ko dito, pwede ko sabihin na bugged na sya. Last week pa dapat expired ung tu50 ko pero hanggang ngayon...
  2. K

    Closed Globe and tm easy plan heavy download ehi.

    For Globe & Tm Easy Plan users exclusive. ✔️Version 2 of my first ehi. ✔️7days validity ehi. ✔️Exclusively for heavy downloads. ✔️Normal ping working on rpg games. ✔️For bugged sim only but works with regular promo and globe switch. ✔️Open for wifi ✔️Blocked for Rooted phones ✔️Canada...
  3. P

    Closed Tanong lang po about sa bugged sun sim

    Tanong lang po about sa bugged sun sim.. Mga ka phc Gano po katagal ang life span ng bugged sun sim? Pasa got po mga master.. Maraming salamat po
  4. P

    Closed May tanong lang ako about sa new sim ko na sun

    Ganito kasi mga sir.. Bumili ako ng bagong sun sim kasi nablock ung luma.. Pero ang pinagtataka ko kasi sa new sim ko.. D naman ako nagload kahit kailan.. Pero nakakainternet ako.. Fb, mess, browser, yt, Google playstore, etc. As in lahat nagagalit ko.. With out vpn.. Pure open data then surf...
  5. C

    Closed Gs50 bug important tip! pasok agad 12/09-17

    Tungkol ito sa mga nakapag bug sa Switch ng gs50+coc. Para maingatan yung data ballance nyo mamaya at di magaya sa past bug na GS999 na karamihan nawala yung accumulated data nila. May maintenance globe mamaya so maging aware kayo kase may possibilities na mawala bigla yan. So nasainyo naman...
  6. A

    G·TM Gs bugged more info

    Pa expire na to bukas, Ginamitan ng combodd90 Resulta ng pag claim ng combod90 naging Dec 12 ang expiration :) Tm sim (Dec 5 - Dec 8) 3 days expiration Globe sim (Dec 5 - Dec 12) 7 Days expiration Alam niyo naman na siguro yung GS50 (300mb) bugged sa GS diba. Pinag kumpara ko...
  7. J

    Closed My ping is love xd

    wala lang shishare ko lang to haha ☺ using smart sim bugged xD
  8. P

    Closed Goodnews, kasi may nagbabalik hahaha :)

    Ano masasabi niyo? May bumalik si GT5 haha alam niyo na gagawin niyo :)
  9. J

    Closed Beware of scam: "Roland Mayubay"

    Mga ka-PH, share ko lang yung experience ng pinsan ko. nag try kasi sya bumili ng bugged internet sim smart at globe LTE sa nakita nyang blog sa internet. after magbayad ng pinsan ko sinabi nung seller na 3 days daw ang shipping process at ipapadala thru LBC, after 3 working days, walang...
  10. C

    Closed Example of bugged ip ?

    example ba to ng bugged ? tanong lang. 10.234.xxx.xxx
  11. L

    Closed Legit vs bug sim

    Mga bossing ano pinagkaibahan ng legit sim sa bugged sim..niloloko ata ako ng seller ng sabihin nyang magkaiba raw yun. Salamat sa tutulong!
  12. M


    Testing lang kung gagana senyo . 1. Register ka sa kahit anong promo ng tm .. Ex: C10 2. After mag subscribe Sa promo. Text FREE WATTPAD to 8888 . Then boom ! You can enjoy unlimited internet and coc for free . NO EXPIRY . May dadating senyo na 30mb free wattpad . Kahit di kana mag load ulit...
  13. P

    Help Apps like instagram, chikka messenger via bugged sim

    another question po ulit, bugged po ang sim ko, ok naman sa sya sa browsing, im using samsung galaxy pocket, ang tanong ko po possible bang maka connect ako sa instagram, chikka and other online apps using bugged sim?? kasi po di ako makapasok, check network settings ang sinasabi. ang connection...
  14. P

    Help Confuse sa capabilities ng bugged sim

    Sana ay may makatulong or makasagot. Nuong bumili ako ng broadbang ko (globe tatoo flash) nagreregister ako kay supersurf200 which is good for 5 days. Ngayon nung una pako nagreregister sa supersurf200 nakakpag streaming ako like YøùTùbé, etc. Tapos mula ng nagbugged ako ng sim which is...

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