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The term "bin bug" was coined in August 2006 by the British media to refer to the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips by some local councils to monitor the amount of domestic waste created by each household. The system works by having a unique RFID chip for each household's non-recycling wheelie bin (such households have two bins: one for general waste and one recycling bin). The chip is scanned by the dustbin lorry and, as it lifts the bin, records the weight of the contents. This is then stored in a central database that monitors the non-recycled waste output of each household.

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    Closed Gs bug for also

    So lately I've been trying the bug. Mostly sa nakakita ko puro Globe ung sim nila. Kaya I was wondering that its only for Globe mostly. Pero hindi pala. As of now 3 TM sims na ang na bug ko. And today I want to give hope sa mga naka TM. Na tyaga lang sa pag bug at makukuha mo rin to. Here's...
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    Closed Pa help

    Patulong sir/maam hindi ko alam paano nag download ako ng sms spammer
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    Closed Tm bug unli and lifetime internet

    Procedure: *Off Muna Data Connection. *Mag load ng 25 pesos. *Iregister ng 5 beses ng Sulitxt5 to 8080. *Kapag nakareg na stop mo ng 5 beses text SLTX OFF to 8080 mapapansin mo isang beses lang magpapadala yung 8080 kahit 5 beses ka ngstop. *On Data Connection using default connection...
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    Globe TM Bug trick.. mejo makunat sya.. haha

    FOR TM USER. SUPERSURF999(one month) working sya mejo pahirapan nga lang it took me 5 times bago ko nagawa.. "pag may tyaga, may adobo!" KUNG ALAM NYO NA ANG SMS+DIAL TRICK, ETO: text SUPERSURF999 to 8888 while sending.. dial *143*2*4*2*1*1*1#.. yup! tatlong 1 para astig! hahhah! pag di...