brave frontier modded

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    Closed Talk n text any promo, no cap. 100% working

    UPDATE!!! -OPEN FOR WIFI... -Only for non rooted phone -Connected to other network (GLOBE/TM/SUN/SMART)with promo -DEFAULT APN good for YøùTùbé.. GAMES.. DOWNLOADING... hit LIKE and FEEDBACK din. ENJOY...
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    Closed Brave Frontier Apk Mod v1.3.60 Mega Mod

    Brave Frontier Apk Mod INFO MOD 1. Massive Attack 2. God Mode 3. 65k Zel Reward 4. 65k Karma Reward 5. Instant Brave Burst 6. Can always do quests 7. 255 Maximum Deck Cost 8. Infinite Material Space 9. etc Game Info Brave Frontier apk mod Version v1.3.6.0 Size 46,7 MB Category action games...
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    Brave frontier 1.2.2[safest mod]apk

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