bootable usb

A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program. The computer must have a built-in program which will load and execute a program from a boot disk meeting certain standards.
While almost all modern computers can boot from a hard drive containing the operating system and other software, they would not normally be called boot disks (because they are not removable media). CD-ROMs are the most common forms of media used, but other media, such as magnetic or paper tape drives, ZIP drives, and more recently USB flash drives can be used. The computer's BIOS must support booting from the device in question.
One can make one's own boot disk (typically done to prepare for when the system won't start properly).

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    Help Bootable usb not listed in bios

    Pa help naman po mga boss di na madetect ng bootable usb ko ung pc ko hindi ko ma kita sa bios. di ko ma install ung windows. nagrereformat po ako gamit ang bootable usb.
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    Help USB data Recovery (files deleted after creating bootable usb)

    Please help me po.. So i tried to download windows iso file because Im trying to reintall windows/boot my computer.. So i go to windows to download the Iso file Tapos po may option don na create a bootable usb (using the plugged flashdrive) then yun diko alam na mabubura lahat ng files, ang...
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    Help Windows 10 bootable usb?

    Baka may OS kayo windows 10 pang bootable usb penge Naman Yung maayos Sana kakapalit KO Lang Kasi SSD need ko mag install ulit Di ma detect dvd eh. Salamat
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    Tutorial How to use your android device as Bootable USB(Root Required)

    Wala ka bang flashdrive at gusto mo mag backup or magpalit ng OS sa PC? Pwes eto na ang solution. Hidden content Follow the steps: Install nyo muna si Drivedroid sa Rooted Android nyo, Then click Next Click Acquire Root Access at iallow nyo yung Root, Then Click next Ganyan sya pag Okay...
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    Help Help Bootable usb not detected

    Pa help mga idol bakit ganto po mag flask sana ako bagong windows 7 gumawa ako bootable usb gamit android na etchdroid pero parang hindi ma detect ng laptop ko.
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    Tutorial How To Create Bootable USB From ISO Windows 10

    You Guys Might Be Get Bored Using Windows 7 Or Windows 8 And Want To Install New Windows 10 Operating System. Or Might Be The Other Reason As Well. So We Will Learn How To Create Bootable USB From ISO Windows 10. Very First Reason Is That Your Operating System Might Be Attacked By The Viruses...
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    Tutorial Reinstall New OS of PC without Bootable USB (Tutorial)

    So wala kang usb, pero gusto mo mag reformat or mag reinstall ng bagong operating system ng PC mo? I got you. Just follow this tutorial. Requirements: 1. PC or Laptop with working OS (of course) 2. EasyBCD (Software use for managing boot loader. It's free, search on Google to download.) 3. An...
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    Help Bootable usb flask drive not detected

    Pa help mga idol bakit ganto po mag flask sana ako bagong windows 7 gumawa ako bootable usb gamit android na etchdroid pero parang hindi ma detect ng laptop ko.
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    Help Bootable usb uefi

    okay lang kaya to ilagay yung file system is NTFS? or fat32 talaga?
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    Closed Format/reprogam netbook help!

    Sinu na po nakapag format/reprogram ng netbook sa inyo. Nagkakaproblema po kase ako sa bios. Di ma detect bootable usb ko. Gamit ko Rufus. (Sa boot priorities kase windows manager ang nakalagay imbis na yung name ng disk) Sinu po kayang may alam dyan. Patulong naman at maraming salamat ng...
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    Closed Installing os

    Ganito kasi my two partition ako sa laptop ko. Isa para sa os (local disk: C) at yung isa para sa mga files ko (local disk: D). if magclean install ako ng os using bootable usb, mabubura din ba yung files ko sa isang partition (local disk: D)?
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    Closed Windows 7 bootable usb on vm

    good day mga paps! ask ko lang bakit stuck lang yung bootable windows 7 ko sa VM, gusto ko kasing subukan muna iinstall sa VM yung win7...kaso ganyan lang sya..sinubukan ko na yung manual na pagformat ng usb using cmd,still the same...ok naman sya pag direct na iboot yung iso,sa usb talaga...
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    Tutorial Make a Bootable USB/Pendrive w/o using any software.

    Most notebooks and Net books don’t have CD/DVD drive to make them more and more compact. So to install windows need to use a USB Pendrive. Watch video tutorial here. Required: 1. Must have a windows 8 ISO file. You can download it or you can create it a windows 8 ISO. 2. A USB Stick with a...