A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy. Detonations inflict damage principally through ground- and atmosphere-transmitted mechanical stress, the impact and penetration of pressure-driven projectiles, pressure damage, and explosion-generated effects. Bombs have been utilized since the 11th century starting in East Asia.The term bomb is not usually applied to explosive devices used for civilian purposes such as construction or mining, although the people using the devices may sometimes refer to them as a "bomb". The military use of the term "bomb", or more specifically aerial bomb action, typically refers to airdropped, unpowered explosive weapons most commonly used by air forces and naval aviation. Other military explosive weapons not classified as "bombs" include shells, depth charges (used in water), or land mines. In unconventional warfare, other names can refer to a range of offensive weaponry. For instance, in recent Middle Eastern conflicts, homemade bombs called "improvised explosive devices" (IEDs) have been employed by insurgent fighters to great effectiveness.
The word comes from the Latin bombus, which in turn comes from the Greek βόμβος romanized bombos, an onomatopoetic term meaning 'booming', 'buzzing'.

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    Sms bomb scammers

    Patulong po ako guys, pa smsbomb po sana ng mga numbers na ito kasi mga scammer po sila at naaawa ako sa mga riders dahil sa pinag gagawa nilang pamemerwisyo po sa mga naghahanap buhay. 1.) 09261546730 2.) 09261546730 3.) 09079063139 Salamat po ng marami <3
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    How to make Atomic Bomb

    May nakakaalam ba sa inyo kung paano gumawa ng atomic bomb gusto ko kasi pasabugin yung bahay ng tsimosang kapithay namin ng mabura na sa mundo. 😠
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    N*clear bomb binebenta?

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    The bomb has been planted

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    Alleged bomb threat in MRT-3 prompts stricter security check

    Alleged bomb threat in MRT-3 prompts stricter security check ByKristelle Razon Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 8) – The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said it deployed an Inter-Agency Task Force for stricter security checks at the Metro Rail Transit-3 (MRT-3) following an...
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    Help SMS BOMB

    pwede po patulong? pwedeng pakisms bomb po itong kupal na 'to 09706709195. iniscam po kapatid ko worth 2500 na panggraduation po sana. bahala na kayo kung anong message, maraming salamat po
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    Crypto Bomb crypto

    ok p po ba ang bomb crypto?
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    Best bomb remix 2023

    File Size : 75MB Hidden content
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    OPM Bomb Thr3at Album by Sexbomb Girls

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    Help Sms bomb häçk this number

    Hi everyone can somebody häçk this number it yas facebook and sms bomb nyo po tinetext nya palage asawa ko salamat pakituruan po ng leksyon yan
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    Closed Sms Bomber

    Hi.. Tanong ko lang po sino may alam na app na pang bomba sa teks? May makulit lang kasi na tawag ng tawag sa phone. Thanks
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    Tutorial Call bomber trick

    ito ang pang bomb sa mga scammer sa social media yung mga nagpopost na free net tapos yun pala magsesend ka ng points sa number nila, well guys its payback time dont worry guys hindi nila malalaman number mo need mo lang ng connection sa net. follow my tutorial.
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    Closed Bombsquad pro 1.4.133 apk + mod

    BombSquad is an Action Game for Android Fight against your friends in truly crazy minigames Crazy party game with up to 8 players. Show it to your friends (or the computer) in a tournament explosive mini-games such as Capture the Flag, bombs hockey and epic-slow-motion death-match! Simple...
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    Closed Stuffed onion bombs

    :)Rapsa to at easy to prepare mga repa, try nyo ~ctto
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    Closed Dropbomb link

    Mga boss pinge naman link ng dropbomb hehehehe salamuch !!
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    Closed May alam ba kayong sms bomb na pang pc?

    kadalasan kasi ngayon sa cp yung gusto ko sana is yung random number sms :) meron kaya ? salamat po
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    Closed Nakaw points on globe rewards because of installing fake/mod vpn app

    SHARE ko lang.. Ewan ko lang po kung naranasan niyo na manakawan ng Globe Rewards points dahil lng sa pagdownload at install ng Fake na VPN app. SA isang FB Group kasi may nagshare ng vpn app. Kumpleto ung tut, may screenshots pa.. Nang mainstall ko automatic nag appear ung sending messages...
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    Help Help!!paano ko po malalaman if bomba ung isang mac??

    mga Boss Paano ko po malalaman if Bomba ung isang NEW or OLD MAC??