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Google Blog Search was a specialized service of Google used to search blogs. It was discontinued in May 2011. The Blog Search was "the first major search engine to offer full-blown blog and feed search capabilities". It was released in 2005. The bots appeared to be faster than the standard Googlebot, because updates to blogs often become available within hours instead of weeks taken by Googlebot default. The Blog Search searches were done identically to the Google Search by typing your search terms in the search field and seeing the most relevant results related to the topic. The Blog Search looked at various services in the world of blogs like Blogger, Live Journal, and Weblog. For some time it was possible to force Google to access and search the Blogsearch database by manually formatting the URL in your browser's address bar. But in March 2016, Google also took away this access.

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    Help about sa blogger

    mga paps. pwede po ba gumawa ng blogspot tapos doon ako mag upload ng mga ehi daily. ppd po ung site na gagamitin ko sa link ng pag da download nila tanong ko lang pwede po kaya ma monetized yung blog na yon sa AdSénsé?
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    Help pano mag search ng specific topic ng isang lugar?

    pano mag search ng specific topic ng isang lugar? ex. blogs about business in spain. (specific lng na business sa spain) salamat po
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    Bloggers pasok

    Sino dito nakapag apply na sa AdSénsé?
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    Closed Paano ba mapagana yung search sa Blogger?

    Hello mga ka phc :) Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano mag work yung search engine sa sarili kong blog :confused: Palaging no result eh , akala ko yung title lang pwede i search doon pero mali pala. Kahit I search ko titles ng mga post ko wala parin eh. :( Sa Title : Triny ko rin maglagay ng...