block data

In computing (specifically data transmission and data storage), a block, sometimes called a physical record, is a sequence of bytes or bits, usually containing some whole number of records, having a maximum length; a block size. Data thus structured are said to be blocked. The process of putting data into blocks is called blocking, while deblocking is the process of extracting data from blocks. Blocked data is normally stored in a data buffer, and read or written a whole block at a time. Blocking reduces the overhead and speeds up the handling of the data-stream. For some devices, such as magnetic tape and CKD disk devices, blocking reduces the amount of external storage required for the data. Blocking is almost universally employed when storing data to 9-track magnetic tape, NAND flash memory, and rotating media such as floppy disks, hard disks, and optical discs.
Most file systems are based on a block device, which is a level of abstraction for the hardware responsible for storing and retrieving specified blocks of data, though the block size in file systems may be a multiple of the physical block size. This leads to space inefficiency due to internal fragmentation, since file lengths are often not integer multiples of block size, and thus the last block of a file may remain partially empty. This will create slack space. Some newer file systems, such as Btrfs and FreeBSD UFS2, attempt to solve this through techniques called block suballocation and tail merging. Other file systems such as ZFS support variable block sizes.Block storage is normally abstracted by a file system or database management system (DBMS) for use by applications and end users. The physical or logical volumes accessed via block I/O may be devices internal to a server, directly attached via SCSI or Fibre Channel, or distant devices accessed via a storage area network (SAN) using a protocol such as iSCSI, or AoE. DBMSes often use their own block I/O for improved performance and recoverability as compared to layering the DBMS on top of a file system.

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    S·T·S Dating nawala sa sim ko, bumalik muli

    Yung Sun sim ko may unli data siya dati sa *143 Na block dati Sun sim ko dahil may history yun ng mag gamit ng mga http injector o vpn. Pinarequest ko na ibalik yung data, after 3 months bumalik naman (ang tagal nila mag respond). Pero nawala naman yung unli data sa *143 Ngaun bumalik ulit ang...
  2. Z


  3. K

    Help Any tips Po na Block Tm sim ko, nag used Kasi Ako ng Vpn , pero Fb lng gamit ko

    Nablock Po yata sim card ko na TM mgA lods, kagabi may signal nmn TAs Paggising ko Emergency calls nlng . naka ilang restart Nako at airplane mode. Nanood Kasi Ako Video sa Fb using VPn. sayang Po Sim ko may Laman Gcash ko ,Malaki din na Pera Yun. Pupunta Po ba Ako sa Globe store sa Province...
  4. J

    Closed Notice or block? UPDATE.

    2weeks ko na po sya gamit globe at home sim. May nagtext ng ganto notice lang po ba sya or ma-bblock na? Penge na rin tips kung paano maiiwasan ang block. Ty mga maw! Mwa!
  5. M

    Closed di ako makadata

    Paano po ito maiwasan? na block ang data ko mga paps . ika tatlo ko na tong sim ko , wala kaming upgrade sim dito eh tas malayo din kami sa retail store . paturo po mga paps need ko lang para di na ako bibili ulit ng sim. Thanks in advance mga lodi😁🙂
  6. E

    Closed Nakakareceive parin ba ng text o call pag nablock?

    Ask ko lang kung nakakareceive pa ng text at call ang sim pag nablock, Nablock kasi ako eh pero may hinihintay akong importanteng text sa number ko na yun marereceive kaya?
  7. M

    Closed Sun blocking

    Hello po mga ka phcorner. Share ko lang yung pagkablock ko kanina ng sim kaninang 11am nablock sim ko na sun. 0933 prefix nya. Nag injector ako nang umabot 2.09gb na block na sim ko. Pero dati umaabot pa yung sim ko ng 3gb-6gb pag nag dl. May mga alam po ba kayong tips para iwas block.
  8. L

    Closed Guys question po..

    3g nalang ksi nalabas sa signal ng sun sim ko.. ibig sabihin ba nakablock na ba sim ko ? Ilang beses ko na kasi reset phone ko pati data ko ganun pa din nalabas Need ko na bang mapalit ng sim? Sayang may load pa naman un
  9. S

    Closed Gtm no load block data

    Nablock data ko humina ng sobra yung net lumagpas ako 3gb sa 2 araw pa lang. sa inyo po ba mga boss na block ba sim nyo or humina yung data?
  10. K

    Closed Smart lte sim help

    May pagasa paba ma balik yung smart lte sim na nablocked mga master
  11. C

    Closed Data 2gb block sim

    SIP: 2Gb bago mablock sa smart. Sa tnt 5gb depende sa payload. Sun naman 2Gb bago mablock. Para maiwasan ma block .. Tnt lng ang ibibigay kong idea sa inyo. Wala tayo magagawa dahil my blocking tlga lahat .. Naka record na sa server nila yan. Kahit mag cdc kapa. Depende nlng kung sa SIP...
  12. X

    Closed Smart blocking

    Bakit ganon mga ka-PhC ang bilis mablock ng sim ko samantalang 2 times ko palang siya nagamit sa HTTP Proxy Injector. Bagong bili pa naman. :):)
  13. P

    Closed [survey] ilan ang data nyo bago kayo nablock?

    Guys, anung gamit nyo ma promo, ung special technique para matagal mablock ung sim? Salamat sa sagot
  14. N

    Closed Pahelp phc laging na bblock sim ko sa smart bro

    Ano po dapat gawin para hindi mablock ang Sim?
  15. N

    Closed Smart bro kickstart

    Magandang gabi po. Maaari ko po bang matanong kung may alam pi kayong paraan para maibalik ang nawawalang data connection ko? Hindi na po kasi makita yung sign na 3G sa itaas eh. Sa tingin ko po na block po ito. Ano pong gagawin ko? Thank you po
  16. S

    Closed Install block for net shop

    Yung mga my Problema sa Shop na download sila ng dowload using Torrent at IDM and others.kahit lag na sumisigaw mga ibang Client mo download parin ang isa eto Install Block gamitin mo Pag na download nila ung Torrent , IDM or ETC. tapos install nila ma bloblock 100% pwede mo din Edit ung Blocker...
  17. H

    Closed Block data

    ser patulong naman kung sinoo may alam bakit lagi nawawala connection ko eto gamit ko kickstart. modem od350 ilang araw na ganyan abot ko. block ung data patulong naman ulisurf po nakaregister ako
  18. B

    Closed Blocked Data.

    na bo-block din po ba yung data kahit VPN lang gamit?

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