Bayron Efrén Piedra Avilés (born August 19, 1982 in Cuenca) is an Ecuadorian middle distance and long-distance runner.He won the 2007 and 2008 editions of the Guayaquil Marathon. He also competed at the 2004 Olympic Games, the 2005 Summer Universiade, the 2007 World Championships, the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2012 Olympic Games without reaching the final round.
He demonstrated his regional strength with a double gold in the 1500 metres and 5000 metres at the 2009 South American Championships in Athletics. He decided to run in both the 1500 m and 5000 m races at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics but he did not succeed in either event, finishing third last in the heats of the 1500 m and failing to finish at all in the 5000 m
He has medalled at regional competitions a number of times. He took part in the 2003 Pan American Games and reached the 1500 m final, finishing in eighth. In 2004, he came within a second of scoring a long race/short race double at the South American Cross Country Championships, but Juan Suárez of Argentina just finished ahead of him in the short competition. He won a bronze in the long race in 2006. He improved upon his past performance by taking a bronze in the 2007 Pan American Games.

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    Smart TNT Sun Dahil pasok ngayon

    ----- Pamasko nyo Naman [deleted]
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    Closed JULY "MAC" 2015

    Deleted na poh Abang nalang kayo sa next "update" ko :D "DELETED" hintay nalang kayo :D sa next post ko :D
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    Closed Globe WiMAX BM22i 2010-2011 SUPER PROTECTION!-FIREWALL*CONFIG ρá†ch

    Dapat naka Login ka as Admin, alam mo na kung papano yan. Sa BM622i 2011, need mo pa magpacalculate ng admin password sa may BM622 2011, ibigay mo lng mac at serial num mo. Eto na ang Super Protection. Gayahin lang ito... Set your DNS to Google first, para di mo gamitin ang DNS ni Globe...
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    Closed Globe WIMAX, 1 click Reconnect!

    Tara! Mag reconnect tayo ng mga WIMAX nyo. Sample pictures of Wimax Modems. Source: google images. BM622: BM622i: BM621: BM622m: BM625: ----------------------------------------- A. Alamin muna natin kung häçkable ba ang wimax mo. Globe Wimax Model na häçkable: BM622 (version 2009...
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    oh!oh! wag mag agawan ha magbigayan pasensya kung medyo kunti lng 404D8ED07C46 Abra 404D8EF2BB4E Agusan 346BD38F81B8 Agusan 346BD38FF734 Agusan 346BD38FD448 Agusan 346BD38FF6EC Agusan 346BD38FA2C8 Agusan 346BD38FF758 Agusan 346BD38FD1A0 Agusan 346BD38FD6E8 Agusan...
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    How to Enable Wimax’s built in Signal Booster

    Alam nyo ba na may built-in booster ang bm622 unit ninyo? Para ma-enable iyon at makasagap ng mas malakas na signal, just follow this tutorial: Press —> window+R Type —> cmd (enter) Type —> telnet (enter) Login —> wimax (enter) Password —> wimax820 (enter) Type —> set...
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    VIP macs ♥

    VIP macs ♥ patest ... wahahahaha
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    Wimax Change Mac + free mac adress

    Go to “Start” then “Run” type this -> telnet ——————————- —–Welcome to ATP Cli—— ——————————-Login: wimax Password: wimax820 ATP>setmacaddr 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92 ATP>restoredef—————————————————————————– - PASSWORD – evil_rhea BM622/BM625 Mac Changer link. download > GL0B3 W!M@X H4CK...
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    Tutorial for SMARTBRO GREENPACKET 235t WIMAX Working din xa s TRIBO AND GLOBOBO Requirements Sempre ang MODEM Greenpacket activated telnet or putty "if marunong k po gumamit" Gud Working Macs Mac Password calculator "Wimax tools etc." Basic Knowledge on typing or being really good at COPY PASTE...
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    Closed How to change Mac on Huawei Wimax BM622m Permanently

    this tutorial is for changing your BM622m Mac address Permanently. First Step: Log in using this: Username: User Password: 0SlO051O Second Step: Go to: then check "telnet" and Apply. Third Step: Click Run or go to CMD and type telnet...
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    Closed Snipe ko...!!! Show KO..

    Sencua na yung Dulo huhiwalay pag nasa page na to kaya pag 187.75 nagin 187.7 5 Kbps kaya napagkamalan 5 Kbps Dito sa Lugar ang Default is 2622000 kazi pag Default hinDi lumalabas yung tamang speeD ng mac so 2638000 or 2612000 yan nalabas ang speeD sa DownloaD increament +32 sa sniipe...
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    Closed STEAM KEYS! For PHcorner

    ETO PO YUNG STEAM KEYS PAKI BURA NA LNG KUNG WRONG THREAD(UPDATED) STEAM KEYS PO! Meaning Mga laro sa Steam Dahil po nabalik ko na Account ko bibigay ko po lahat ng STEAM KEYS KO! Dami neto! Wag na kayong mag agawan guys ah! ILOVEYOU ALL! Anodyne. 73ELL-TDYPA-6CHG5 DPQRN-HKKI6-29757...
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    Smart TNT Sun [FinchVPN] Working VPN for SmartBro (VISMIN Only) November 3, 2013 [FinchVPN] Working VPN for SmartBro (VISMIN Only) November 3, 2013 FinchVPN - Unlike other VPN providers, we never limit you. Connect to any FinchVPN server, without restrictions or download caps, and switch freely between server locations...
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    Smart TNT Sun Windows CCProxy 7.3 Build 2013.10.31 + ******-AGAiN

    Ccproxy 7.3 Build 2013.10.31 + key gen-AGAiN HOMEPAGE Proxy Server CCProxy is easy-to-use and powerful Internet connection sharing software. CCProxy can support broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share...
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    Closed Boost your internet connection

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    Wimax Mac Address 1-3Mbps

    Feed Back nalang po galing po ito sa master ko !! :D
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    wimax Vip MAc

    hahah pamasko ko 999 mac to may 300+ mac alive dito ito yung tinatawag na vip mac na kht anung oras ay nasa 8mbps siya kaya kung may tiyaga may nilaga!! 00078206BBF1 000782AA8289 0007826CF95C 0007821E2222 000782DD7F30 000782B9894A 000782D81A04 000782C269E9 000782277CB1 0007825DB3B4...
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    Closed Wimax bm622, bm625, bm621 häçk, change mac, tune-ups, tweaks & tricks

    Exactly a year since I've been a member of phcorner thinking I should give back some of what I've learned. I've noticed that a lot are still at lost about mac changing and stuffs so I've compiled my knowledge (from and experience about the ever-so-popular bm622 (same to bm621 and...
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    Smart Hotspotshield v3.09 Powered by OpenVPN Portable

    Hi Share ko lang gamit kong hss portable. Kinalikot ko lang konti yung launcher nya to work with later versions ng hss. Features: -OpenVPN GUI wrapper (woo old school!) -interactive driver installation/uninstallation prompt (optional)* -shows taphss6 network adapter under Network Connection...
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    UPDATE! ! ! Astig na Skin para sa Globe Tattoo e153 ALIENWARE SKIN see the Screen Shot This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 783x375. DOWNLOAD MEDIAFIRE Or DOWNLOAD it in ATTACHMENTS Step by Step to apply the Skin NOTE:The Globe...
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    Closed How to Increase the Speed of Globe Tattoo USB Stick

    Do you experience difficulty in accessing the internet using your Globe Tattoo stick? Don't despair. There are ways on how to increase internet speed even with that compact USB stick that is commonplace nowadays. Here are tweaks on the settings of your Globe Tattoo stick and on your browser that...
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    Smart TNT Sun [Share] Huawei Dashboard for faster internet Connection..[Less Disconnection..]

    Para ito sa mga box type na dashboard na di ma eddit ang settings at para din sa pag papabilis ng net. bihira ka ma ddc.. bihira ang low signal.. auto set up din ito.. no need to edit profile.. pwera nalang kung may papalitan ka ito ngayon gamit ko sa pd proxy.. ni hindi na ko na didisconnect...