Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BayanTel) is a telecommunications company headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines serving areas in Metro Manila, Bicol and local exchange service areas in the Visayas and Mindanao regions combined, cover a population of over 25 million, nearly 33% of the population of the Philippines. BayanTel now operates as a subsidiary of Globe Telecom.
BayanTel is also a provider of data and communications services such as dedicated domestic and international leased lines, frame relay services, Internet access, and other managed data services like Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL).

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    Closed Speed ng wifi

    Paano bawasan yung speed ng wi-fi sa bayantel router?
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    Closed Bayantel

    Sino pang may bayantel connection dito? At sino na ang nakapag try magpa disconnect sa kanilang bayantel connection? Wala na kasi yung main office ng bayantel dito. Then ang Globe di daw sila nag didisconnect ng bayantel connection tawagan lang daw yung toll - free hotline nila. Di naman...
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    Closed Help bayantel wifi

    mga sir anu pong password format ng bayantel wifi(not bayanDSL_1234)bayantel po yung ssidnya gusto ko lang malaman yung format ng password kasi dun sa bayandsl na wifi ganito abcd_bayanDSLWIFI sa mga may bayantel jan patulong naman yung password format lang ang kelangan ko
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    Closed Help setting up qos for bayandsl aztech dsl5028en

    Quick preface, we have the Aztech DSL5028EN modem for home use under BayanDSL. I've been having trouble playing online games when my family is using the internet connection to browse. I searched the web for tips on how to fix this and I learned about QoS. However, the QoS settings for the...
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    Closed Please help, bayantel internet problems

    We've been using bayantel communications for 2 years and we encounter problems every single time we needed it. So, last night, we had internet. In the morning, the internet was gone. The dsl and internet led light isnt lighting up. It was just last week we called someone to repair it. They gave...
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    Help Bayantel low internet connection speed

    *Moderator's Notice* kung gusto mo pang magtagal dito umayos ka
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    Closed BayanDSL Speed häçk

    Meron po ba kayong alam na bagong speed häçk for bayad dsl? loko kasi yung kapatid ko e nireset yung modem ko nawala tuloy yung 3mbps na user and password na nilagay nung tech :(
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    Garena dota players pasok dito!

    Sino nag lalaro ng DoTA Pasok dito bigay nyu username laro laro tayo Bayantel o Pldt