auto clicker

An auto clicker is a type of software or macro that can be used to automate the clicking of a mouse on a computer screen element and click faster than intended. Clickers can be triggered to repeat input that was recorded earlier, or generated from various current settings.
Auto clickers can be as simple as a program that simulates mouse clicking. This type of auto clicker is fairly generic and will often work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed.
More complex auto clickers can similarly be as general, but often are custom-made for use with one particular program and involve memory reading. Such auto clickers may allow the user to automate most or all mouse functions, as well as simulate a full set of keyboard inputs. Custom-made auto clickers may have a narrower scope than a generic auto clicker. Sometimes, an auto clicker may not deliver the amount of clicks as entered because of the limitations of the software it is being used on.
Auto clickers are also called automation software programs, and may have features enabling response conditional reactions, as well as a keyboard.

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  1. F

    Smart TNT Sun Auto clicker - UDP Reconnect

    Sa mga nahirapan na mag konek with no browse, sakto lang yung APN namin than airplane mode. Sana no block na using Auto Clicker app. Only downloader apps like 1DM, Terabox and MEGA.NZ Milliseconds: 180000
  2. F

    Help Auto clicker with UDP reconnect

    May script file nga ba ang Auto clicker app with reconnect feature sa STS with flight mode?
  3. P

    Closed Auto Clicker undetectable ni upwork

    Meron ba nito?
  4. K

    May alam po kayo na auto-clicker (For Toram)

    Good Evening, May Alam po ba kayo na auto-clicker na safe for Toram (Android) Ang dami kasi may alam sa mga SS farming spot pero walang gusto mag share. Thanks
  5. A

    Auto clicker

    sino po dito marunong mag set up ng auto clicker sa PC? Im willing to pay po sa makakatulong.TIA!
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    Help Auto Clicker | Working Pa Ba?

    Round 3, mukhang negative na sakin yung Auto Clicker mga lods. Ewan ko kung sa app or sa code ba kasi dati naman once na mag spam ako meron agad dagdag kahit minimum of 2 points lang unlike now 1 hour ako nag spam simula mag start ang round 3, wala na talaga dumagdag kahit 1 point man lang. Sa...
  7. Y

    Closed Pahenge naman jan ng auto click gs mga paps

    Guys meron ba kayu jan na auto accept as in wala kana talagang gawin sa globe switch. May natry kasi ako auto accept daw lahat peru kailangan mo i swipe para makaacept ulet, bali putol po yung pag accept.Salamat po
  8. E

    Tutorial Auto clicker for globe switch

    Auto Clicker For Globe Switch Tools be needed Tasker. AutoInput. Xml file. 1. Install "AutoInput" & "Tasker" 2. Open "TASKER" goto "TASK" then click the 3Dot in upper right DATA > RESTORE > USER LOCAL BACK UP *Back 3 times. Tapos hanapin nyo kung saan man nyo na download yung "PHCeirele01" na...
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    Tutorial <tut> gs bug for pocket wifi using pc/laptop with autloclicker

    Hello mga KaPHC! As we all know kalat na ang Gswitch bug pero halos lahat ang gamit sa pagbubug ay ang kanilang android phone. This tutorial will let you bug your Globe Switch using your PC/Laptop. Requirements: (Links of these apps nasa baba, pakidownload na lang if wala pa kau) 1. PC/Laptop...
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    Closed About auto clicker non root

    Mga papz ano maganda gamitin auto clicker sa non root sa pag bug ng Gsurf50 thanks