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    The best for idm 6.18 fake serial problem (solved na!!) pasok!!

    basahing maigi! Kung ang problem nyo ay idm 6.18 (fake serial pop up) ito ang the best na answer para maresolba dapat gawin! (*)download nyo po muna itong file-> CLICK HERE Pagkatopos nyu madowload ang file open nyu then install nyo po yung 6.15 na IDM Pag tapos nyo na po Ma install ang IDM...
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    Closed USB VIRUS REMOVER v.3.0.80. !

    Shortcut Virus Remover Remove Shortcut Virus from your Flash Drive. Recover all the damaged data. Download Shortcut Virus Remover. 100% Free. When you got a Shortcut Virus attack, simply follow the steps below. 1. Download the Shortcut Virus Remover to your USB storage device 2. Double click...