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    Closed How to häçk pldhomefibr

    So heto na po this is my first thread so sana magustohan niyo tong threads ko :) So lets start : Kung may na scan kayong wifi na "PLDTHOMEFIBR or PLDTHOMEFIBR_" madali lang e häçk sundin lang code hex sa baba 0 - f 1 - e 2 - d 3 - c 4 - b 5 - a 6 - 9 7 - 8 8 - 7 9 - 6 Halimbawa may na scan...
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    Closed Cute simple man

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    Closed Totoo ba to?

    nakita ko lang sa fb!
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    Closed Happy cheat ros

    :):):):):):):):)ROS cheaters
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    Closed Ssh lifetime accounts|admin|default|Malaysia (MY)||SPEED: 8|guest|guest|Malaysia (MY)||SPEED: 4|support|support|Malaysia (MY)||SPEED: 4|admin|123|Malaysia (MY)||SPEED: 3|admin|admin|Malaysia (MY)||SPEED: 7...
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    Pure™Graphics HD + PureAudio™ Engine

    Pure™Graphics HD + Rendering Version Features - Enable GPU rendernig - Enable dithering but did not affect consumption!! - Use the GPU for the management of the touch Improve video HW render It allows you to play ported ARMV7 games without lags problems Increase scores on the AnTuTu graphic...