An arch is a vertical curved structure that spans an elevated space and may or may not support the weight above it, or in case of a horizontal arch like an arch dam, the hydrostatic pressure against it.
Arches may be synonymous with vaults, but a vault may be distinguished as a continuous arch forming a roof. Arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian brick architecture, and their systematic use started with the ancient Romans, who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures.

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    Smart Pwede ba si aoc20 kay ktr?? mindanao area.

    Pwede ba si AOC20 kay KTR?? Mindanao area..
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    Help Patulong payload ni tp20 sa ktr.

    Magandang gabi. Patulong po payload ni TP20 sa KTR. Para magamit ko promo ko. Mindanao area po ako. Salamat.
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    Help Patulong tnt promo no capping. or any trix.

    Hi guys. Good afternoon. Tanong ulit. Anong promo ng tnt na walang capping?? Paturo po. Beginner pa kasi. Salamat po.