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Racing games are a video game genre in which the player participates in a racing competition. They may be based on anything from real-world racing leagues to fantastical settings. They are distributed along a spectrum between more realistic racing simulations and more fantastical arcade-style racing games. Kart racing games emerged in the 1990s as a popular sub-genre of the latter. Racing games may also fall under the category of sports video games.

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    Closed Mga kuya maari po ba ko maka hingi ng link para sa ms word office 2013 with serial po salamat po

    patulng po kung san pde maka dl ng ms word 2013 for school purposes and drivers pack solution po na offline gamitin lang po sa nabiling new laptop for thesis maraming salamat po sa inyo more power po
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    Closed Angry Birds Star Wars II V1.8.1 Apk + MOD

    Description of Angry Birds Star Wars II Free Version:1.8.1 Category:Arcade Size:89Mb Last Updated: 2014-12-19 OS Require: Android 2.3 and up The Force is strong with this one. Get ready for Angry Birds Star Wars II – the epic follow-up to the #1 smash hit game! Based on the Star...
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    Closed Kill Devils-Unlimited Gold/Diamonds Mod Apk full

    If you are into strategy games and tower defense action. this this game is the best thing out of 90123MObile’s lab. It is set in the six mythical kingdoms of Ashan, players take control of a different defense tower in each of the games regions – each one populated by different races including...
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    Closed Prince of Persia: Shadow&Flame -Unlimited Gold Mod full

    Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame is set after the events of the classic first game in the series that offers platforming action, combat, and 14 gorgeously crafted levels in 5 environments. The controls have been designed specifically for your touchscreen device and respond with ease to a simple...
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    Closed LINE cøøkíé RUN

    Description of LINE cøøkíé RUN Version:2.0.3 Category:Arcade Size:48M Last Updated: 2014-08-01 OS Require: Android 2.3 and up Over 30 million downloads! The whole world's running now! The new update brings the "second tale", introducing all kinds of brand new additions to the game...
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    Closed Legend of Majumaru full apk

    Description of Legend of Majumaru Version:2.0 Category: Arcade Size:9.7M Last Updated: 2014-05-20 OS Require: Android 2.1 and up Legend of Majumaru is an action-arcade game where you will be playing as Majumaru, a pure-hearted ninja accompanied by his friend, Kunoichi, to save Princess Hime...

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