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Ánima Estudios (stylized and also known as ÁNiMA formerly ánima) is a family entertainment company founded in 2002 by Fernando De Fuentes S. and Jose C. Garcia De Letona, the studio is best known for producing El Chavo Animado, Top Cat: The Movie, the Leyendas franchise, and Cleo & Cuquín.Anima's productions have been seen around the world, its distribution reach includes countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Russia and China. It has offices in Mexico City, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Las Palmas (Canary Islands.)

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    kung saan saan kau pumupunta sa group para makapanood nang anime na tagalog e2 para hinde kau mahirapan search mo sa play store animerevival tapos download mo ung app ung app na pinoy anichannel yan un ung app lahat nang anime na tagalog nanjan Cinderella Monogatari Tagalog Code Geass Tagalog...
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    Closed Best Anime you can suggest?

    Best anime you can suugest po? Yung tapos na po sana lahat ng episode ang season.. kakapagod kasi maghintay sa next epsiode/season. Thankie po
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    Closed Mga boss tungkol po kay haring araw

    Mga boss bakit po simula kaninang umaga ayaw na comonect nung tu50 ko katay na po ba sya o maintenance salamat sa sasagot thanks
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    Closed Boku no hero academia (season 3) hero academy (season 3)

    ENGLISH NAME : My Hero Academia 3 TYPE : TV GENRES : Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power STATUS : Ongoing EPISODES : 25 AIRED : Apr 7, 2018 to ? PREMIERED : Spring 2018 BROADCAST : Saturdays at 17 : 30 (JST) STUDIOS : Bones SOURCE : Manga DURATION : 23 min. per ep. RATING : PG-13 -...
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    Closed Recommended anime - made in abyss

    MADE IN ABYSS (13eps) Genre: SciFi, Adventure, Mystery, Drama and Fantasy Duration: 25min. per ep. Rating: 8.91 (MAL: R#20) Synopsis: The Abyss—a gaping chasm stretching down into the depths of the earth, filled with mysterious creatures and relics from a time long past. How did it come to...
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    Closed Game Tester for Mobile Game (RPG + Dice Battle)

    Hi! I'm AinaQQ (Trinity) of Anima Adventure (Im like the community girl of this game) and we recently launched our game dedicated to PH, I'm kinda thinking of having a certain event to gather some game testers wherein we can give them some good in-game loots to walk through the game. Im...

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