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Android One is a family of third-party Android smartphones promoted by Google. In comparison to many third-party Android devices, which ship with a manufacturer's customized user interface and bundled apps, these devices run near-stock versions of Android with limited modifications, and a focus on Google services (although they may still feature software enhancements to support the features of included hardware, such as cameras). Devices that run Android One receive OS updates for at least two years after their release, and security patches for at least three years.
The Android One program began in 2014, and was first positioned as a reference platform for low-end devices targeting emerging markets such as India. A goal of the program was to accelerate the availability of newer versions of Android on such devices. In the years that followed, the Android One program expanded to target more territories and global releases, and to include mid-range and high-end devices as well. As of December 2018, there were over 100 Android One smartphone models.Android One has been considered a successor to the former Google Play Edition and Nexus programs, which similarly featured third-party devices co-developed or vetted by Google, with stock Android and quicker releases of updates. The Google Pixel replaced Nexus as a first-party brand of flagship Android devices manufactured by Google; although they do run a stock Android interface, they still contain exclusive software features that are not always made available to the stock Android source code or third-party devices.

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