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"And I" is a song written by American R&B singer Ciara, and produced by Adonis Shropshire for Ciara's first album, Goodies (2004). It was released as the album's fourth and final single on August 15, 2005. "In July 2005, Ciara had mentioned in interviews that the album's fourth single would "most likely be "Thug Style" or "Pick Up the Phone" - or maybe even "And I"", with "And I" being the final choice.

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    Hello my name is Reina and this is my story . People know me as a cheerful kind of person i love making people happy because it fills my soul. I live in a country listed as one of the best country in the world the land of the rising sun ” Japan” . The way of life is almost perfect here. I’ve...
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    Trivia Which is correct: it's just you and I or it's just you and me?

    According to traditional grammar rules, after the verb “to be” we need a predicate in nominative case (ie. This is she. It is I.) and so “It’s just you and I” is correct. But out here in the real world, almost everyone feels more comfortable with the idea that after a verb we use objective...
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    I'm hurting so much and i want it to end.

    Kakatapos lang ng relationship ko for 3 years and live in kami so napakahirap gumalaw. Sobrang hirap, hindi ko alam pano ko ulit magsisimula feeling ko yung mundo ko gumuho wlaang natira kundi ako magisa. Ang hirap pag binigay mo lahat, sana makarecover na ko, sana bukas hindi na kita mahal...
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    Happy Birthday sakin.Baka naman po HAHAHAHAH
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    Closed New

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    helo guys