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    MMDA: Don't Leave Âlcohol in Cars to Avoid Fire

    The MMDA on Sunday advised car owners against leaving bottles of disinfectant älcohol inside their vehicles to avoid fire during the summer months. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it a necessity for many people to bring disinfectant älcohol whenever they are going outside, with some car owners...
  2. Ginebra


    Now available in 500ml 70% solution!
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    Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or *******?

    Coffee for me, definitely. EDIT: idk why naka block yung word but it's a l c o h o l haha
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    Share nyo dito mga technique nyo sa inumin.

    Hello guys, today we will discuss about drinking *******. there is a lot of reasons why people drinking this kind of shit! :lol: so as a friend ng kaibigan mong broken, hindi mo rin to maiwasan right? so paano mo magagawang bawasan yung lungkot ng kaibigan mo? may incredible technique kaba...
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    Trivia Beer flavored ice cream

    gusto ko nito hehe:) Beer ice cream is prepared using typical ice cream ingredients and beer.Various flavors are imparted to the ice cream based upon what type of beer is used. For example, the use of stout beer can impart a malty and caramel-like flavor, and the use of pilsner, India pale...
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    Trivia Kontra hangover

    :) Shot-shot pa more!!! Robot