Arity ( (listen)) is the number of arguments or operands taken by a function, operation or relation in logic, mathematics, and computer science. In mathematics, arity may also be named rank, but this word can have many other meanings in mathematics. In logic and philosophy, it is also called adicity and degree. In linguistics, it is usually named valency.

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    Closed Tnt 1month ehi multi-payload pasok sa may gusto

    1 month ehi ni tnt need promo parin COC10 sent to 4545 SGDO14 Server. Hit & like bilang pasasalamat(y) Yung ibang ehi ko never pa umabot ng 2mbps sa hapon madalas 1mbps lang mahina kasi cignal sa area ko
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    Closed Sawakas establish na ako salamat po ka phc

    Maraming salamat po sa inyo dami kung natutunan dito
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    Closed Mga katropa ito ehi nyu open sa wifi at root

    SG server sulit ang 7day mo dito Need promo(COC10)
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    Closed Fast ehi ni tnt pasok sa may gusto

    7days ehi need promo (COC10) Ito naman gamit ko pang online games Hit & like lang OK na sakin(y)
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    Closed Mga ka tropa ni tnt pasok(coc10)

    7day Singapore ehi need promo (COC10) hit & like lang ok na sakin(y).
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    Closed Smart no need load/promo

    Feed back lang if working din sa inyo kanina ko lang kasi nahanap yun PS ni smart. Mindanao area po ako Sana working din sa inyo
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    Closed Sa naka promo kay coc10 ito ang para sa inyo

    for talk n text only 7days ehi hit & like lang masaya na ako
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    Closed Picture attachment

    Pano Mag attach ng Sariling Profile picture dito Hanap ako ng Hanap Wala ako makita
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    i just want to be a part of you family

    destroyer not A master i want to have a free internet connection for my cp plzzzzz help me... this is my first time atemp to join a group like this hoe you can help me...