AdBlock is an ad blocking browser extension for Google Chrome, Apple Safari (desktop and mobile), Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed. It is free to download and use, and it includes optional donations to the developers. The AdBlock extension was created on December 8, 2009, which is the day that support for extensions was added to Google Chrome.AdBlock's efforts are not related to Adblock Plus. The developer of AdBlock, Michael Gundlach, claims to have been inspired by the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox, which is itself based on the original Adblock that ceased development in 2004.Since 2016, AdBlock has been based on the Adblock Plus source code.In July 2018, AdBlock acquired uBlock, a commercial ad-blocker owned by uBlock LLC and based on uBlock Origin.

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    Iwas Ads ☺️
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    Globe TM Free OpenVPN Server + Ad blocker powered by Adguard (tcpv4-via-http)

    skl bago matulog. pasubok mga boss. kayo na bahala sa timpla. Direct Download: OpenVPN Port: 11212 (tcp) HTTP Proxy Port: 11213 OpenVPN Clients Windows: OpenVPN Client Connect For Windows | OpenVPN Android: OpenVPN...
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    Tutorial Adblock and Mature sites blocking including Ads on PPD links(no app, no vpn and no root needed. Easy Setup)

    Block Aggressive Ads on your Favorite websites, including those for Mature Sites to protect your child(no app, no vpn and no root needed) Simple method for blocking aggressive Internet adverts that does not necessitate the installation of any software. Free to use, and simple to set up on any...
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    Tutorial Adblock for Android ( 2 Ways ) Say goodbye to annoying ads!!

    Two ways to block ads while surfing on the internet. Trick #1 1. Go to settings and find private dns. 2. Type in the textbox " " Trick #2 ( It will work only on google chrome browser) 1. Go to the settings of google chrome. 2. Go to the Privacy and security. 3. Go to the Use...
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    Help Ad blocker for fb app?

    Mga master may paraan po ba or apps na pwd gamitin Para mablock ung mga ads sa Facebook apps?
  6. M

    Ad network sending virus/malware alerts

    Somebody gave me this: your website ( is okay and not listed on Google Safebrowsing, nothing unusually except you plug in a lot of affiliate links which sometimes send malware/virus alerts from ad network. I had adblock installed so I dunno which ad network you use so I didn't...
  7. D

    Help Best adblock no jailbreak

    Baka may magshare ng method nila, iOS12 na ko.
  8. Z

    Help About tcpvpn site

    Bakit ganito sya.. Na disable ko na ung adblock. di ko tuloy ma download yung opvpn file. patulong nito sa nakakaalam.
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    Tutorial Anti-adblock killer don't touch my adblocker !

    Helps you keep your Ad-Blocker active, when you visit a website and it asks you to disable.
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    Tutorial Best adblocker for unrooted devices

    Share lang ko po to sa inyo, Working po sa Rooted/Unrooted Devices , Try lang po, Introduction: AdClear is a non-root ad blocker for Android devices. There's only one version of the app, and it's free. We released it at the end of December and are looking for feedback and help in making...
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    Free server list (keweon)

    Australia / Sidney: 2001:19f0:5801:b45::130 France / Paris: 2001:19f0:6801:95e::37 France / Roubaix: (IPv4 IS NOT WORKING) 2001:41d0:1000:16a6::6538:02b6 France / Roubaix...
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    Help Ublock or adblock plus?

    Put your comment below salamat :)
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    Help What is the best free adblock for ios?

    guys, do you have any idea what is the best adblock for ios? currently using adblock browser but there is some ads that adblock browser can't delete/bypass. Some websites keeps redirecting me into another site. I hope someone can help me. TIA
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    Help Adblock for windows like adaway on android meron po ba?

    Meron na po bang ganitong app para sa windows? Saan po kaya pwede kumuha ng list of adds, baka pwede manual add nalang din sa like sa pag add sa host file sa android. Thanks sa mga sasagot.
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    Adblocks for ****sites, malware& ads

    Good morning kaPH:) May goal po ako mga kaPH,gusto ko makakuha ng mga DOMAINs ng ****sites, MALWARE url at ADS url (exclude natin yung mga ADS dito sa PHCORNER) para magawan ko ng script. Ang script na ito ay working on any OS,mapaANDROID,WINDOWS, LINUX,etc at iimbedd or iintegrate...
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    Closed Adblock domain rules for (prx)

    sa mga gustong magadd ng adblock rule for PRX gamitin niyo to note:Hindi kailangan dito yung yung domains lang icopy niyo ,,kayo na ron magarrange para sa rule dahil mahirap this is the text file medyo maglalag phone niyo sa dami ng Ads Domains :)...
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    Closed ✌ artgomez prx 2/26/2017 ✌

    ======================== Welcome To My Thread ======================== Hello To All! Please read muna bago download Di naman mahaba diba? With adblock yan! Try niyo nalang Artgomez nga pala nagbabalik! May nagrequest sakin kaya gumawa ako! Try niyo nalang kung gumagana or hindi Feedback...
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    Closed How to block pop-up ads on android

    Hi ka phc sana makatulong to sa inyo. Nakita ko lang to sa tabi tabi. Marami na siguro nkakaalam nito. Hope you like this. How To Block pop-up Ads On Android Step 1: Open your default browser and make sure you have blocked pop-ups by going into settings Step 2: Enable Data Saver in your...
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    Closed Firefox memory booster + phcorner vpn adblock+ for all browsers (for maximum speed)

    PH Corner VPN Adblock+ for all browsers IMPORTANT: This is not an add-on for any browser. Therefore, it does not affect your browser memory usage and speed. Surf the web without annoying ads! Blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads - even on Facebook and YøùTùbé Protects your online privacy. No...