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The CPR-1000, or CPR1000 (Chinese PWR) is a Generation II+ pressurized water reactor, based on the French 900 MWe three cooling loop design (M310) imported in the 1980s, improved to have a slightly increased net power output of 1,000 MWe (1080 MWe gross) and a 60-year design life.
The CPR-1000 is built and operated by the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG), formerly known as China Guangdong Nuclear Power. Progressively more Chinese manufactured components were used in the units; the second unit built had 70% of its equipment manufactured in China, with a 90% Chinese content target for later builds.

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    For Sale RoK acc

    Sino may hanap ng RoK acc? 500k+ power tas may 2k+ gems. Kayo bahala kung anong price. Pwede to pang Farm acc for your main acc.
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    Help scribd or chegg

    Sino po my magandang kalooban na makakapagbigay sakin ng account sa chegg or scribd
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    Closed Cproxy account generetor(icreate) + disposable mail

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