The Maryland highway system has several hundred former state highways. These highways were constructed, maintained, or funded by the Maryland State Roads Commission or Maryland State Highway Administration and assigned a unique or temporally unique number. Some time after the highway was assigned, the highway was transferred to county or municipal maintenance and the number designation was removed from the particular stretch of road. In some cases, a highway was renumbered in whole or in part. This list contains all or most of the state-numbered highways between 600 and 699 that have existed since highways were first numbered in 1927 but are no longer part of the state highway system or are state highways of a different number. Most former state highways have not had their numbers reused. However, many state highway numbers were used for a former highway and are currently in use. Some numbers have been used three times. The former highways below whose numbers are used presently, those that were taken over in whole or in part by another highway, or have enough information to warrant a separate article contain links to those separate highway articles. Highway numbers that have two or more former uses are differentiated below by year ranges. This list does not include former Interstate or U.S. Highways, which are linked from their respective lists.

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    Closed How to downgrade bm623m firmware to bm622m 2012 firmware?

    Hi. Sino po marunong magdowngrade ng firmware ng BM623m to BM622m 2012 firmware? Patulong naman po. Salamat
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    Guys, yung 622i ko may signal siya at connected ako. Ang problema naman yung 622m ko walang signal. Help naman po jan. Thanks!! PS. Yung 622m ko pag dinala ko sa ibang area kumukonek siya. Sa area ko lang hindi.
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    Nachacchange mac xa peto connection status nya connecting ready at scanning papalit palit xa. Blank aang rssi nya ay bsid help po thanks po. noob here
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    622m 2011 restore to default (can't connect to telnet)

    matagal na po issue ito pero parang RARE tong sa unit ko. nag-research na ako dito at nasubukan ko na din ibang tuts pero ganun pa din VBScript, Firefox Web Dev, CMD Telnet, natry ko na pero ayaw nya mag reconnect, problema sa 22m ko one bar signal blinking lang sya. nabubuksan ko naman GUI nya...