1st anniversary

1st Anniversary is the debut album by J-pop group Melon Kinenbi, containing their first eight singles, all released within their first year of operation. It was released on March 12, 2003. Its highest ranking on the Oricon weekly chart was #11.
The track "This Is Unmei" sold over 12,740 copies and reached #28 on the Oricon weekly chart.

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  1. A

    Happy 1st Anniversary in PHC

    Sakto 1 year na ako dito heheh
  2. A

    First Anniversary.

    Isang taon na pala ako dito, buti pa dito tumagal ako pero sa pag-ibig hindi ko na lamang babanggitin alam na ng iba yun.
  3. P

    1st anniversary

    pabati naman ako ng 1st anniversary sa ph corner mga paps at momsie!
  4. Q

    Feedback .whhhoooooooo

    .Maraming thank you phc.. :)
  5. S

    Closed May trophy ako

    1 year na pala ako sa PHC.. Wala pa din akong ka close :)
  6. R

    Happy 1st Anniversary?

    boss Draft mukhang may mali yata member history ko.. bakit ako nakareceive ng happy anniversary point ngayon eh hindi naman ngayon ang membership period ko.. anyway thanks po..