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    Android App QR & Barcode Reader (Pro)

    Functional QR scanner and barcode reader that requires little storage space. QR & Barcode Reader is a modern QR code scanner and barcode scanner with all the features you need. Scan any QR code or barcode to get additional information including results from popular online services; Amazon...
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    Android App MX-Player-v1.22.2[Premium]

    Di ko na maedit yung dating thread kaya gumawa na lang po ako ng bago.. MX-Player-v1.22.2[Premium] Hidden content For previous version Visit this thread MX Player [Pro, Premium]
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    Android App Tutorial K0di version 19.0 & 18.6

    Kodi v-19 & 18.6 Hidden content For Tutorials Hidden content
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    Android App SWIFT STREAMZ TV Channels [ADS FREE]

    ADS FREE talo pa ang naka CABLE Hidden content
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    The TWILIGHT SAGA Hidden content You can play it with IPTV Click this link for the apps MX Player Click this link for the apps if wala kapa 🤡 VLC Other Media players that support m3u file... Enjoy !! 🤡🤡
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    Android App IPTV-Pro-v5.3.3[Premium-AOSP].apk + m3u

    IPTV-Pro-v5.3.3[Premium-AOSP].apk Hidden content IPTV M3U Files and URL'S Hidden content the Twilight Saga.m3u Hidden content TV 5 Livestream.m3u Hidden content
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    ehi Globe TM GLOBE NO LOAD + open SSH ACCT

    Hidden content
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun SMART-TnT No LOAD

    Share lang sa may gusto Hidden content
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    Smart TNT SMART/TNT NO LOAD ovpn + Link to CREATE YOUR OWN ACCT for 30 days

    Share lang... Hidden content Tapos gawa kayo ng Account dito: 👇 👇 Create ACCT HERE at SERVER 8 You have to log in first using your google acct.
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    ovpn Sun SUN no LOAD + link to create premium Acct 30days

    Share lang sa may gusto.. Feedback na lang po.. Same server. Port lang ang magkaiba kaya 2 ovpn file yan. user/pass Hidden content For SMART/TNT NO LOAD.. CLICK HERE🤡 Thanks sa mga master dito... Kay Barts at XAMJYSS143
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    Android App K0Di-v18.5 Leia- [ARM64 & ARM32]

    Hidden content For ADD-ONS and Tutorials Click me 🤡🤡
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    Android App Tutorial K0Di-v18.5 Leia- [ARM64 & ARM32] + TOP BEST WORKING KODI Add-ons List [January] 2020

    Hidden content Smart Android phone and Smart Android TV TOP BEST WORKING KODI Add-ons List [January] 2020 Hidden content How to INSTALL ADD-ONS in KODI.. Sample natin yung The Crew Kodi Addon 🤡🤡 How To Install The Crew Kodi Addon At the top left click the System Settings Icon Click the...
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    Sorry link not available.. Hidden content
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    Android App MX PLAYER [PRO, PREMIUM]

    Share lang Select nyo na lang po yung compatible sa unit nyo... Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content This is a paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads. It is crafted to be lightweight with only core functionalities. So some regionally...
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    Nasa PLAYSTORE naman ito kaso may bayad nga lang... Hidden content Dalawang device ang kailangan, pwedeng cellphone to cellphone or cellphone to laptop.. Yung apps syempre syempre dapat naka installed sa android phone. Dapat connected sa same wifi network ang dalawang device.. Mas maganda nga...
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    I'm inviting all the artists here to post your own design AMBIGRAM.. heto po mga gawa ko.. Pagpasensyahan nyo na yan lang po nakayanan.. Bon Leuvi Thorns and Roses Elaiza BonPatrick Jesus - Satan 😈😇
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    Hidden content
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    Globe TM (5) WiReGuard CONFIG

    Share lang... Hidden content Download na lang sa may gusto.. 🤡🤡 Kapag no browse sa unang try, disconnect then connect ulit.. cdc
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun TnT/SMART no LOAD (UPDATED)

    Share ulit.. Hidden content Kapag sinipag update ko to araw araw.. Malakas sa strêâmïng.. YôùTùbé..
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    ovpn Smart TNT Sun Tnt/SMART-NO LOAD (w/ LINK for SOLO acct)

    Enjoy.. Gawa po kayo ng acct dito.. Hidden content Feedback is a must...
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun 30days TnT/SMART no LOAD

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    ovpn Smart TNT Sun TnT/SMART NO LOAD OVPN (with link for solo acct)

    Share lang.. Feedback is a must... Heto po pakitry.. 5days nga lang pero mabilis.. Username: tcpvpn.com-dark Password: dark Solo account gawa kayo dito create-vpn-accoun- Enjoy...
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun (1)Month TNT no LOAD [EHI]

    Singapore server pwede sa Netflix basta naka sign in na dati..😎😎😎 1month ssh acct.( renewable ) kapag di pumalya ang RP.. Irenew ko na lang.. malakas sa strêâmïng.. Pakitry na lang sa SMART.. Feedback is a MUST... 🎭🎭🎭🎭
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun TnT ehi No Load 🤡🤡😎😎

    Tnt no load ... Pwede sa wifi Mabilis sa strêâmïng.. Try nyo na lang.. í ¼í½
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun TnT no LOAD ulit📈📊☯☪☮🔯🇱🇺

    Share ulit... Mabilis... Feedback is a must..🐒🐼🐍🐍🐠🐟🐬🐋 .. 😂😂😎😎
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun Tn'T no LOAD

    Share lang. Mabilis... 😎😎😎😎😎🤣😂😂
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    ehi Smart TNT Sun [Ehi] TnT No LOAD 30days

    Share lang .. 30 days ehi. Naka open ang RP para pwede palitan kapag pumalya.. Feedback lang po para ipost ko na lang ang pampalit.. Fb rin kung kumusta ang connection sainyo.. Malakas sa YôùTùbé.. Pakitry na lang sa smart.. TnT kasi gamit ko. ;);););):p:D:rolleyes::oops:
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    Smart TNT Sun TnT No LOAD [Ehi]

    3 days lang yan.. Update ko na lang kung maganda feedback.. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::unsure::unsure::unsure: Minsan di agad maka connect. Hintay lang.. Gaya ng paghihintay natin sa mga nawalay na nakalipas..