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    String cannot be converted to locale

    Is that case sensitive? "name of programmer" vs "Name of programmer"
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    Help Pseudocode

    That's ok for a pseudocode (minus the formatting). What else are you expecting?
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    Java Array

    What have you done so far? Share it. If the problem is understanding the English words, you should focus on learning the English language first. If the problem is understanding the problem, then that might be a bigger issue. Let us know what's making things difficult for you.
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    Help Web Developing

    Use Visual Studio Code. It's free. https://code.visualstudio.com/ There is no decent WYSIWYG tool for developing web apps. Setup hot reload with your project and use your browser to get instant feedback while on development.
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    Help Javascript textbox buttons

    No idea what you are trying to say here sorry.
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    Help Eto po

    Can you show your entire code? Use CODE tags by the way
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    Help What language can you recommend?

    I would vote for JavaScript. It's not because it's basic (it can be basic and complex) and not because it's the most efficient programming language (for web development, it is the most efficient overall. I'm not just talking about performance).
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    How to insert null value in database myphpadmin

    Why would you want to replace a user input with a NULL to a db? Are you trying to häçk something?
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    Help Java Project Application

    Gather and define the business requirements first in paper. If you can't state what's exactly needed before writing code, then it's a waste of time. Understanding the problem is the first step.
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    Java New to Java

    Don't let your college level be a hindrance and an excuse in learning. Whether you have PhD, no college experience-- those are not valid excuses to learn.
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    Java New to Java

    Java can be both easy and difficult. It's easy if you understand the intent, value, and design of the code. If the code is written well and follows best practices, it's not only easy to learn but also easy to maintain in the long run. The difficulty in Java is when people misuse it, when they...
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    Help Carousel No Bootstrap

    I found multiple resources from Google. Here's the link to help you search: https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/2TaIAnv
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    Help Sino po dito ang mga magagaling mag code?

    Study what arguments are first. Prioritize studying the basic things that you don't understand first. Do not try to comprehend Calculus when you don't even understand Arithmetic. If after studying "arguments" and you still don't get it, you should ask yourself what part of "arguments" is...
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    tips po mga master sa java :)

    As a rule of thumb, follow the SOLID principle. I wanna put emphasis on SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) in relation to your question. The second form allows you to encapsulate common logic that belongs to your custom MyThread class. But that's really a superficial response. It's like...
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    Help Programming Language

    Both are good but if it's web development, go with JavaScript.
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    Help anu ba mas magandang simulan pag aralan na language (c,java,phython)

    I suggest you practice solving programming questions with PSEUDOCODE. If you can't solve it with pseudocode, then you might as well not study any programming language.
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    Help Guys Help

    In programing, whenever you're asking something, you need to be as detailed as possible. There is no such thing as too much information (maybe if you share your bank account info)
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    Help Request C Program Masters Need Help

    Write the pseudocode first so we have an idea that you have some thoughts on this problem. If you don't know pseudocode, then that's A BIGGER PROBLEM.
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    Help servo gamit ang fire sensor

    Google it https://www.google.com/search?q=fire+sensor+with+servo&oq=fire+sensor+with+servo
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    Help pa help guys mag isip ng project hehe

    Go here for ideas https://www.instructables.com/projects/
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    Sa mga C experts po dyan, patulong po

    The output is invalid even though the input is valid because the code was programmed to be like that. Fix the code.
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    Help Pa help po sa code papahelp po pinsan ko. pero wala po akong idea.

    Also the screenshot is incomplete. What's the requirement?
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    Help Pa help po sa code papahelp po pinsan ko. pero wala po akong idea.

    Also why not take a better picture? Why include the keyboard?
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    Help pseudocode to java

    No need to wait for your prof to teach you Java. Your best bet is to research Java online (like what you are doing here in the forums) but also take a look at the online articles and tutorials and videos (i.e in YôùTùbé).
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    Sa mga C experts po dyan, patulong po

    Try this REPL: https://repl.it/repls/ScalyWatchfulOperatingenvironment I added this function: bool nextCharIsOperator(char next) { return next == '+' || next == '-' || next == '*' || next == '/' || next == '%' || next == '^'; } Then I modified your operator check to: // if char is...
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    Sa mga C experts po dyan, patulong po

    Most of the problems in code can be attributed to two things: hard to read and unnecessary complexity. Here's a REPL for the benefit of other people reading your code: https://repl.it/repls/NauticalNarrowFactorial I formatted your code. That should be a big help for people reading your code.
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    C# C and C++ kunting tulong sa magaling mag c# jan?

    Also try to avoid too many if-else or nested if-else statements
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    C# C and C++ kunting tulong sa magaling mag c# jan?

    Unfortunately I think the core problem here for you is don't know the algorithm for the numbers. You can only start coding if you understand the algorithm So basically to encrypt: 1. Get the next character from the input string 2. Convert to digit 3. Subtract 2 from the digit 4. If digit is...
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    C# C and C++ kunting tulong sa magaling mag c# jan?

    So you are not allowed to use arithmetic?
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    vb6 help

    Don't continue with the operation if the record has been deleted. Also, why VB6? Why not .NET?
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    C# C and C++ kunting tulong sa magaling mag c# jan?

    What is the problem? How to write the code or you don't know the algorithm? State the algorithm and I will code it for you. If it's the algorithm, then sorry I can't spoon fed that to you.
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    Help Paano po malalaman yung value ng ph pesos using sensor?

    Some of my notes: 1. Scan the bill 2. Compare the scanned bill with a base image 3. Implement a machine learning image detection 4. Implement a blue light scanner for verification to catch fake 20s It wont be easy but it's a good project.
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    GUI calculator

    No problem. If you're a beginner, then try to familiarize yourself with the Java syntax before embarking on writing a GUI calculator. You can't start driving a car if you don't even know where to insert the keys or open the door. You can't start driving if you're not familiar what a road is...
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    Wasn't the first question already asked in a different thread?
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    Help Arduino project, please help.

    Your follow-up doesn't make sense. LM358 and LM393 are NOT IR SENSORS. I suggest you Google first what they are and read the docs about them. Check their data sheets if you want detail info about them. Google "LM358 datasheet" and "LM393 datasheet" They are definitely not IR sensors. Asking...
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    Help C programming

    Possible. Just don't put 'Enter your choice'. Did you try it?
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    pahelp naman po mga mam ser, final project po namin, sa monday na pasahan

    I don't think this is doable with that short amount of time. Your professor gave your team an impractical project. If you split the requirements to epics and stories and estimate them, this project will take you more than a month considering your team are comprised of junior developers (and...
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    Programming Experts

    Yes. All of the programming experts you see are all individuals. Most of these individuals become expert because of hard work, a lot of trial and errors, a lot of reading, mentorship, and actual work experience. Of course you can't deny some of them are probably more talented than other experts...
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    Help Javascript Confirm not working

    The reason why your code still does a delete is because somewhere in your codebase is you are STILL calling the delete where it shouldn't be called in the first place. But I'm sure the delete is NOT being called in the code snippet you posted above. The true bug here is you don't have full...
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    Help Patulong po sa mga magaling mag program

    Check this REPL: https://repl.it/repls/KnownSugaryGreenware I prefer a more modular, SRP approach where the user input handler is SEPARATE from string analyzer. In this way if you wanna extend the input to be a loop input (or whatever you want), you don't need to modify the string analyzer. And...
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    count down

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    Help IT or IS

    WRONG QUESTION. You should ask yourself instead, "What do I like to do and do I have the b@lls to do it no matter what?"
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    pahelp naman po mga mam ser, final project po namin, sa monday na pasahan

    I'm curious when was this project given to your team? The deadline is Dec 6th, 2019? Was this assigned to your team like the last week of November? If yes, tell me the name of this professor so I can slap him/her in person. Now if you're given months ahead, then I should slap your team. Sorry...
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    Help Arduino project, please help.

    What is the other IR sensor that you are using? How's it different with the one from the original guide? As long as you know when your IR sensor is in HIGH or LOW mode, you should be able to copy the idea from the original guide. I wrote "copy the idea" and NOT copy the code in verbatim (big...
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    Help Is it good to opensource my system projects on github?

    If other students steal your thesis and make it an instant thesis, then I feel sorry for these students because they aren't really benefiting from it. I feel sorry for the professors for failing to recognize their student's capabilities and failing to recognize a plagiarized thesis from an...
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    Help Is it good to opensource my system projects on github?

    If you put it in Github's public repo, then it's free for grabs. People can fork it and you have no control over it. If you put it in Github's private repo, then it's for your eyes only. No one can grab it. The only problem is you have to pay for private repo in Github. If you really want to...
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    c++ alternative for goto?

    Anyone who uses the old GOTO construct still needs a big slap.
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    Pa help po sa String problem nato

    I hope your professor is asking you this requirement to train his students on loops and switch and NOT because he thinks this is the acceptable way to solve this problem because it's not.
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    Help arduino project

    I assume you mean "custom" web service. Well, it's custom. That means you don't get it from other people. You create one from scratch. I don't know what your language expertise. Let's assume you know Python. Just Google "Simple API Python". If it's Java, "Simple API Java". Based on your...