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    Help Which Network has the cheapest Data+Text+Validity combo promos?

    Im just wondering lang kasi may plano ako mag change ng network. I am currently using Globe and I am using the Gosurfbe34 and Gotscombokea37 twice for a 1 month 1gb data. I hope you can help me.
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    Globe TM What's the Fastest method for GCASH cash out?

    Nandito ako sa Palawan Padala ngayon para magpa cash out sana sa GCASH, 1-2 hours pa intayan kasi matagal daw processing. Na try niyo ba ang ibang methods and how was the experience? Update: Thank you po sa mga suggestions! I'll try the Mastercard.
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    Help Need Help for this Surf Combo!

    According doon sa mga nakikita ko sa mga threads, "Gosurfbe34 + GOTSCOMBOKEA37 = 15 DAYS 1GB SURF send 8080" works. Ang tanong ko lang before ako magpaload is, gagana ba ang GoSurf50 prior to using that particular combo? Ganito ang magiging flow ko sa pag re-register. GoSurf50 to 8080 then...
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    Help Is there a way to extend your GOTSCOMBODD90?

    Basically the title. Di ko po alam if pwede ba siyang ma extend using GS EXTEND kasi pang Gosurf yun and GoSakto promo siya. If may alam po kayo na way, as cheap as possible, sana po mabigyan niyo ng solusyon ang dilemma ko. Salamat po mga ka Ph.
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    Help Http injector disconnecting issues

    Pansin ko almost every 20-30 seconds, laging nag didisconnect yung HTTP INJECTOR. Kahit anong palit ko ng .ehi file wala parin. I tried to reset everything, wala parin. Any thoughts?
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    Help Gowatch from gosurf50 inquiry

    I would just like to ask if anong GoSurf promo yung nag bibigay ng additional 2gb GoWatch data. Kasi nagregister ako sa GoSurf50 then pa expire na sana ako this afternoon, nagpa load ako then nag extend pero walang additional 2gb sa GoWatch. Can someone enlighten me please? Thank you guys and...
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    ehi VPN Globe TM Payload questions

    Madami pong nagpopost recently ng payload related threads and as far as I know, ginagamit yun sa HTTP injector. My question is how to utilize those payloads, specially po dun sa unli daw na payloads and no load needed payloads. Is there anyone who is kind enough to post a thread link para dun sa...
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    Need help about gswitch bug

    So I still have 51.5gb left, and my coc5 will expire tonight. According sa Datally, Gswitch will expire on Dec. 22. Dapat last na ngayong day and then triny ko yung Gotscombo plus nag add siya 1 week. Mag papaunli ba ako ulet ng coc25 para di mawala ang data or hayaan ko nalang ma expire ang...
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    Need confirmation about gswitch bug

    I would just like to confirm po if maeextend yung bug ko if magpapaunliulit ako ng coc25. Currently, I still have 43Gb left , and my coc25 will expire tomorrow afternoon. My question is, can I still bug right now using gotscombo or gs15 para madagdagan ang 43Gb? And it will expire tomorrow so...
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    Vpn configurations vs. torrents

    Good day po. I would just like to ask kung bakit po bawal mag torrent if naka VPN ka, specially when you are using Postern or HTTP-Injector. Kasi everytime na nagbibigay sila ng configs, they always kept on reminding us na bawal siya pang torrent. May I ask if what is the reason behind, if it is...
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    Jofom definition

    Good Day ka-PHC. I would just like to ask lang po kung ano poang ibig sabihin ng JOFOM. Kasi recently I have been reading threads and I keep on stumbling across that word. Ano po ba yung JOFOM, and ano po purpose nun? Thank you po if you can respond.
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    Shadowsocks Regarding about shadowsocks app

    I would just like to ask lang po if ano yung difference ng Shadowshocks na App from Playstore and sa Shadowsocks sa Postern. Same lang ba yung inout nilang dalawa or iba po sila sa isa't isa? Like pwede bayung config from Postern , ilagay sa Shadowsocks app and vice versa? I hope someone can...