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    Smart TNT Sun All day 20 TNT bypass

    MONITORING allday 20 for tnt using openvpn as VPN. Credit: sharkvpn for the config. ( you can use any openvpn config )
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    Help Give TU50

    Totoo ba c Give TU50 5gb per day?
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    Trivia LTE upgrade is no more?

    Two times nako nag upgrade ng blocked sun sim and it was successfully upgraded ang kaso nga lang di na talaga bumalik yung data. Kumusta sainyo?
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    Help Bilis mang block ni sun

    Sainyo ba? Kumusta? Kaka upgrade ku lang tapos maya block agad then upfrade ulet saka block agad within 2 to 3 minutes lang. Kumusta sainyo
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    Sun Tutorial Create a direct connection ehi config using ph server

    For TU Promos using PH server account Having trouble finding Remote proxy? Difficulties of having a succesfull connection while using Ph server? Spending too much time seeking for a working Ph server ehi config? What if you create your own direct ph server ehi config connection? Sounds...
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    Help Di na working TU viber combo saken. Kayo?

    After maintenance...
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    Help Pano po ba mag laro ng game?

    The hows of us....
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    Android App Tutorial Watch hd YôùTùbé videos on mobile phone? come!!!

    Download this app Happy Watching HD YT Videos(*´∇`*)╭∩╮╭∩╮╭∩╮▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一o==[]::::::::::::::::>(♥ω♥ ) ~♪~♥~~♥~( ̄3 ̄)╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮ Dont forget to like and comment
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    Lcd konzert no display

    NO PICTURE ON SCREEN Black screen nalang pero gumagana naman ung picture displa4th lang talaqa
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    Help Panu po gumawa noload ehi

    Panu po gumawa ng no load ehi o hpi smart
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    Help Softhener tut. help...

    patulong naman po meron po ba kayu tut. ng softhener trick sa globe or link ng thread
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    Help Ano po latest trick ng globe or tm

    pahelp naman po pls ano po ba latest trick ng globe and tm
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    Tutorial Avoid blocking from your isp bcoz of too much heavy download

    Tips: Use IDM for your downloads and limit the speed to at least 400 kbps download rate... Try nyu lang...
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    Tutorial Low signal using pocket wifi or stick? "some tips"

    Many are complaining about the low signal of their devices such as pocket wifi and broadband stick, well I have one alternative solution for that. Very easy and simple. You just need a LTE capable mobile phone and your sim. 1. insert your sim on the phone 2. enable the mobile data connection...
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    Help Katay na ba si alltext ??

    hindi na kasi gumagana hindi na kasi gumagana hindi na kasi gumagana hindi na kasi gumaganahindi na kasi gumagana
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    Meron pa bo pang bug sa globe/tm na unli net o madaming gig?
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    Hpi for smart alltext promo

    mga ka ph patulong naman gumawa ng mga compatible hpi config para ka alltext promo ng smart... pa explore naman po, explore din ako
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    Panu po ba malalaman kung compatible ang promo sa config para iwas gastos sa load?
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    Sir, hingi naman po ako site tutorial

    para sa vb game programming
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    Unlimited net no capp 1 day sun

    METHOD: [/B][/COLOR] [/SPOILER] JUST TRY it will work! tested by me. Dont forget to like ^_^
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    Help po payload/config sa sun

    Ano po ba config na compatible sa any prom n sun pahingi naman po mga sirs... Luzon Area....Help po plss di kase komunek sayang load ku last day..pc po gamit ko http injector
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    Mga paps hingi naman ako config or tut. for tp10 + t2(3x)

    HPI po mga sir plsss
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    may data allocation po ba ang google5 promo?
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    Help po may no capp pa bang promo

    no capp promo for tnt or smart
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    Panu ba bypass promo na may data allocation via payload

    may payload ba pra maging no capp promo example twiitter di kase ako maka konek after maubos data allocation ehh. help plsss
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    Wala ba jan real na gumaganang trick???

    bakit parang lahat nalang hindi gumagana? mag post naman yung highly tested na....
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    Fatal error: proxy error: 302 moved temporarily

    no ba ibig sabihin nyan? after kase maubos nung sabing no cap ganyan na lumlabas sa http injector.
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    May no capp na ba sa kahit anung sim?

    help po
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    Tp10 3545+t2 4545(3x)

    no cap bayan sa mga naka try na?
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    Graphic softwares

    visit the site:)
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    Help po sa sun payload

    panu po pa gawa payload sa sun di po kase kokonect ang social10 ko help po mga sir plss
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    Http net header password installation help

    no po ba password?
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    Help po sa sun

    no capp promo for sun help sir
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    Help sa sun

    meron pa bang no capp promo sa sun mga paps?
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    Help po sa globe tm

    meron pa bang no capp promo sa globe or tm/
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    Help po sa sun

    kaya bang maka pasaload from tnt or smart to sun sim?
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    Help po sa tm

    meron pa po ba ngaung unlinet no capping sa tm pc po with injector o kahit na anung software basta no cap?
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    Promo for sun

    promo naman jan mga sir sun for http injector
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    Internet trick promo

    GAANSURF5 to 4545 FACEBOOK TO 5555 with http injector and tcpvpn.....still monitoring already 900mb.... like:)
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    Sim sun

    pwede po ba sa smart bro ang sun na sim?
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    Help po plsss for pc net

    meron po bang unli data with no capping na promo kahit anung sim po for http injector... pahingi naman
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    Smart bro set up for tnt http injector help!

    Complete set up nman jan mga boss for smart promo(apn)(internet settings) (promo)....plssss
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    Tnt or smart promo

    update po promo for http injector no capp plls or large amount of gb need kopoooo help
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    paanu po ba mag connect sa garena gamit http injector