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Recent content by migovitos

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    Help Xiaomi Perfomance Phones

    Redmi Note 8 pro or Mi 9 lite..same budget lang po sila..ano po mas magabda sa performance
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    Lapag mo paps pa try
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    Closed Thread

    pa open reply dun po sir ty po
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    Closed Thread

    sir d ako maka reply sa link mo
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    Closed Thread

    yun oh
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    UNLIMITED GOOGLE TEAM DRIVE STORAGE ( just drop your gmail )

    add me sir migogigo.vitos@gmail.com
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    ktr Sun 10-01☀SUN 1 Month Ktr🎉

    pa try po ts
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    pa try
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    Liga 2: Kontrabida Border (Batch 3)

    pa try ts
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    ML CODE SEPT. 29

    pa try
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    Tutorial NBA2K20 QUERY

    paps san ilagay yung obb? tapos na ako sa APK
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    Tutorial KNIGHT SSH SITE 🌐📱☑️

    working po salamt dito paps