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Recent content by pixkit

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    String cannot be converted to locale

    Is that case sensitive? "name of programmer" vs "Name of programmer"
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    Help Pseudocode

    That's ok for a pseudocode (minus the formatting). What else are you expecting?
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    Java Array

    What have you done so far? Share it. If the problem is understanding the English words, you should focus on learning the English language first. If the problem is understanding the problem, then that might be a bigger issue. Let us know what's making things difficult for you.
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    Help Web Developing

    Use Visual Studio Code. It's free. https://code.visualstudio.com/ There is no decent WYSIWYG tool for developing web apps. Setup hot reload with your project and use your browser to get instant feedback while on development.
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    Help Javascript textbox buttons

    No idea what you are trying to say here sorry.
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    Help Eto po

    Can you show your entire code? Use CODE tags by the way
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    Help What language can you recommend?

    I would vote for JavaScript. It's not because it's basic (it can be basic and complex) and not because it's the most efficient programming language (for web development, it is the most efficient overall. I'm not just talking about performance).
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    How to insert null value in database myphpadmin

    Why would you want to replace a user input with a NULL to a db? Are you trying to häçk something?
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    Help Java Project Application

    Gather and define the business requirements first in paper. If you can't state what's exactly needed before writing code, then it's a waste of time. Understanding the problem is the first step.
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    Java New to Java

    Don't let your college level be a hindrance and an excuse in learning. Whether you have PhD, no college experience-- those are not valid excuses to learn.
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    Java New to Java

    Java can be both easy and difficult. It's easy if you understand the intent, value, and design of the code. If the code is written well and follows best practices, it's not only easy to learn but also easy to maintain in the long run. The difficulty in Java is when people misuse it, when they...
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    Help Carousel No Bootstrap

    I found multiple resources from Google. Here's the link to help you search: https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/2TaIAnv
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    Help Sino po dito ang mga magagaling mag code?

    Study what arguments are first. Prioritize studying the basic things that you don't understand first. Do not try to comprehend Calculus when you don't even understand Arithmetic. If after studying "arguments" and you still don't get it, you should ask yourself what part of "arguments" is...
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    tips po mga master sa java :)

    As a rule of thumb, follow the SOLID principle. I wanna put emphasis on SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) in relation to your question. The second form allows you to encapsulate common logic that belongs to your custom MyThread class. But that's really a superficial response. It's like...
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    Help Programming Language

    Both are good but if it's web development, go with JavaScript.